About Us

Tomato Media is an Asian leading company in terms of language services including translation, interpretation, transcription, voice-over, dubbing/subtitling and staffing solutions in over 50 language pairs.  As our name, Tomato Media’s language service focuses particularly on Media Industry.

Tomato Media has witnessed over 10 years of valuable experience and dramatic growth. Building up a strong network of over 100 skilled staffs and more than 3,000 qualified freelancers worldwide, Tomato Media has an enormous capacity to satisfy clients’ demands for language services. With Tomato Media, maintaining relationship and being trustworthy are always our first concern. Whatever you need, Tomato Media can serve it all!

Tomato Media is not yet the largest language service supplier in Vietnam but in Media Industry, we are the leader!



Accurate and timely translation services are essential to the success of any global business these days. But consider the challenges. You might be a large organization that’s overwhelmed with work. Or you could be a smaller business lacking translation resources. In either situation, outsourcing to a vendor with a global presence and extensive translation experience can be a smart solution.
At Tomato Media, we help global companies translate their words into more than 150 languages, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Energy – Environment is always a huge challenge for translators and interpreters, especially translation in thermoelectric field. Multilingual translation projects Thermoelectricity translation services aim at […]

Korea now ranks first in terms of investment in Vietnam, which drives the boost of Korean translation services. So this job has never ceased to […]

Korean language is becoming more and more vital and so are the needs for language translation in all aspects of life. Let’s look at powerful […]

English is becoming more and more popular all over the world and has become the second language of so many Vietnamese people. However, it is […]



With an extensive network of over 20,000 professional interpreters, Tomato Media provides high-level interpretation services for various settings and fields in 150 languages. Whether you require consecutive, escort and simultaneous interpretation, Tomato Media will provide qualified interpreters to help you communicate with ease, both on-site and over-the-phone. We select the best-suited interpreter for each client engagement – and ensure that our linguists arrive on-time, professionally attired, and prepared to provide the highest level of service.”

A big picture of cabin interpretation Cabin interpretation is a form of translation in which the interpreter translates into the target language sitting in a […]

2018 witnesses the 26th year in the diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and South Korea which shows the solidarity, shared directions and goals of the two […]

Conference interpreting is no longer a new type in translation. It is always attractive and challenging and not all interpreters are capable enough to pursue […]

This is such a difficult question to most of the companies looking for interpreters now. Then who are good interpreters and where to find them? […]



Being the leader in the media translation industry and understanding deeply about Asian culture, Tomato Media provides the high quality subtitling service for TV programs, commercials, videos, DVD, etc.

Korea is known as an Asian industrial country with its all industries being evaluated as leaders of the region, including construction, mining, entertainment, etc. Today […]

Subtitles, also known as “subs”, are the main form by which viewers can watch and understand a movie, a learning material, or simply foreign conversations […]

Subtitling a video firstly requires translation of the content. So how can both of these tasks be done in the most convenient manner? Video subtitling […]

Not only being a pure translation company does Tomato Media also aim to complete multi services in order to satisfy all the demands from the […]



Our service will assist your  business in developing and strengthening your business in international markets. We will help you to touch the customer’s heart by speaking in their own language.

Recording – dubbing is nothing new especially in movie making and communications. Dubbing is actually the recording of new soundtracks and replacement of the original […]

How are the recording, dubbing and voice-over services developing in Vietnam now? We are exceedingly familiar to the recording, dubbing and voice-over when watching films […]

After the base of translation service, Tomato Media is developing strongly the service of subtitle edition and dubbing to perfect the maximum experience of the […]

Not only being a pure translation company does Tomato Media also aim to complete multi services in order to satisfy all the demands from the […]

Why Choose us?


International standard

Our quality management system is certified by the uttermost standard of ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Grasp the global trends

Tomato Media has rapid reaction to global demand. We are particularly up to date for the global trends such as providing new services in order to satisfy the customers’ needs.


High accuracy

We optimize our process to focus not only on speed, but also on standardized accuracy across a given video series, minimizing both human and machine errors and reducing all possible redeliveries. With high flexibility, Tomato Media guarantees to complete the translation project following the time commitment with high standard outcomes.


24-hour support

Our in-house translators, PMs and QC work around the clock to ensure there are never any delays in client support of service. With excellent management system, our Project Management and Vendor Departments are always ready for big projects and we guarantee not to be overload in case of urgent demand.