A big picture of cabin interpretation

Cabin interpretation is a form of translation in which the interpreter translates into the target language sitting in a soundproof booth equipped with headset and microphone, also known as a cabin. Cabin interpretation is actually simultaneous interpretation as the speaker and interpreter speak nearly at the same time, with difference being a fraction of time.

Cabin interpretation is normally used for seminars and conferences attended by international organizations from different countries. Cabin interpretation is considered the most difficult and challenging form which requires excellent competence and rich experience from the interpreter.

A qualified simultaneous interpreter may determine the outcome of the seminar or conference. However, this ultimate form sometimes suffers from shortage of talent due to strict and rigorous criteria to become a simultaneous interpreter.

Tomato is confident to provide best cabin interpretation services

Treasuring more than 10 years in translation, we possess a network of over 100 full-time employees and more than 3000 freelancers worldwide, so we are confident to provide cabin interpretation services in multiple languages, in every place of the world and with the best quality.

For the years of operations, TOMATO cabin interpretation services have always been highly rated by significant and prestigious clients.

We are committed to bringing the most professional cabin interpretation services with the following criteria and benefits:

1. Professional interpreters

To meet our standards, a cabin interpreter has to possess at least 5 to 7 years of experience in cabin interpreting, live and study in the country where the interpretation language is spoken, graduate from the foreign language faculty at good or very good grade and have a deep insight into one certain area or more.

2. Commitment to punctuality

That an interpreter comes late or asks for leave suddenly has never happened during the course. Our professionalism is widely recognized. Apart from quality commitment, we guarantee interpreters are punctual and devoted to their work so that clients can receive the best services.

3. Reasonably priced translation services

Translation fee is one of the factors for a client to consider choosing a translation company. We always bring clients satisfaction as to translation fee because it is carefully calculated based on market price and interpreter qualification related factors.

For the abovementioned reasons, it is not difficult for clients to interpretation services by TOMATO which is confident to bring best care and quality. For free advice and quote, please contact TOMATO MEDIA for 24/7 support.

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