Dubbing – Seemingly familiar yet extremely challenging!

Recording – dubbing is nothing new especially in movie making and communications. Dubbing is actually the recording of new soundtracks and replacement of the original soundtracks with the new ones so that listeners cannot hear the original soundtracks but the new ones which are inserted in the right context. Dubbing is popular thanks to its convenience which saves viewers focusing their eyes on the subtitles or listening to one or two monotonous reading voices in voice-over. Dubbing is a type of translation. Unlike voice-over and subtitling, dubbing requires different voices for different characters and what’s more, dubbing requires matches with the speaker’s mouth position in original soundtracks so much more efforts are put in dubbed films and movies. Therefore, dubbing undergoes stricter requirements and costs more than other services do.

  Dubbing is considered a tough type of translation.

There are various dubbing service providers in the market so clients have a wide selection. Dubbing films or TV programs comes in different language pairs, such as Korean-Vietnamese, and clients may choose Northern or Southern accent as long as it suits their needs.

Choosing among dubbing service providers in Vietnam today is like being lost in a “matrix” because there are a lot of providers of dubbing services with competitive prices, good customer care and guaranteed quality. No matter how attracting advertisements are, it is not easy at all to find a reliable dubbing service provider given that there are a lot of factors to consider. As mentioned in previous articles about dubbing by Tomato, a complete dubbing delivery to client shall ensure three criteria: native accent without lisps or speech defects; dubbing voice matching with the actor’s mouth position, emotion and setting of the film; and careful, meticulous post-production. These three criteria make a dubbing delivery, but not all companies are able to ensure to do it. Furthermore, dubbing services cost quite a lot, so such slogans as “cheap dubbing” or “quick dubbing at low price”… are not reliable.

Taking pride in owning highly qualified and experienced translators and interpreters, state-of-the-art studios and facilities, Tomato does not offer cheapest services but deliveries of the best quality!