This is such a difficult question to most of the companies looking for interpreters now. Then who are good interpreters and where to find them?

Translation business may be called such a sweet and delicious honeypot that many young graduates join in the big and small translation companies all over the world as interpreters. The attraction of the translation business is so strong thanks to the nonstop development of the 21st century economy and society.

So what should you do to recognize good interpreters? And where are they in the sea of labor now?

Good interpreters supposed to meet many standards

Good interpreters – the ones understanding languages thoroughly

Good at foreign languages is the first requirement to interpreters; however, it’s not enough. Understanding languages thoroughly including wording, grammar, styling, idioms, proverbs in both source languages and translated languages is the core factor leading to an expected translation.

Good interpreters – the ones being able to cope with pressure and control their time

Like expected qualification of the labor, interpreters also have to cope with high working pressure and control their time. Translation is a seasonal business; in other words, the clients have remarkably higher demand of translation in some times. Obviously, the ones who are experienced and about to cope with pressure will produce a better translation.

Good interpreters – the ones having knowledge of many fields and experience of searching information

For the best translation that is closest to the original meaning, the interpreters must have certain knowledge of translated majors. An experienced one often choose a major for deep study, and develop his own strength accordingly. At the same time, in their working do they approach many different fields from economics, culture, society, healthy, education, fashion, food, etc.

The more deeply and quickly could the interpreters accumulate, the stronger development do they have in translation business.

Good interpreters – the one being responsible for their translation

In your opinion, what is the factor to keep the clients unchanged cooperation with a translation company or interpreter? That may be professional skills, but not enough. The clients need the responsibility in each words and sentence of a translation rather than a quality-guaranteed result.

Good interpreters – the ones working in Tomato Media

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