Korean interpretation nowadays begins to encounter “difficulties”

2018 witnesses the 26th year in the diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and South Korea which shows the solidarity, shared directions and goals of the two nations. The good Vietnamese-Korean relationship has brought many economic, cultural and social benefits to the two countries.

For recent years, Korea has made great investments in Vietnam in many fields including construction, health, education, entertainment, etc. Actual situation has called for more Korean interpretation services for the sake of information exchange and cooperation between Vietnamese and Korean businesses. However, Korean interpretation has been faced with a lot of difficulties as the market is becoming saturated when translation companies have sprung up like “mushrooms after the rain” and Korean interpretation services are so plentiful that clients get confused as to which one to choose.

Korean interpretation is now in hot water due to too many advantages in the past.

Plenty of job opportunities due to great demand

“Supply creates its own demand.” The more Korea invests in Vietnam, the greater the demand for interpretation becomes. That is why there is a “boom” in Korean interpretation in all areas.

High and stable pay

In the past, interpreting job paid quite well if the interpreter had good interpretation skills and sensitivity, especially Korean interpreters who were better paid due to the scarcity.

Opportunity for cultural exchanges

Korea is a country with long tradition and culture of national identity. In addition, Korean entertainment industry is known to people around the world. Good Korean interpreters can learn so much from the culture, language and people in the Land of Kimchi.

Korean interpretation is becoming saturated in translation market

With so many advantages, it is easy to get why Korean interpretation is becoming saturated. The more saturated, the more difficult.

Difficulty in finding the best among millions of Korean interpreters.

Availability of too many Korean interpreters makes the competition fiercer and confuses clients in looking for qualified interpreters. In order to become a good interpreter, a high level of practical experience and technical knowledge is required. Korean language use ideograms which are difficult to memorize, and also requires use of honorifics, which makes Korean a difficult language. It is not difficult to learn Korean, and there are even many Korean speakers, but Korean interpretation is another story.

There are not many highly qualified and experienced Korean interpreters in Vietnam. In the past, Korean businesses required the interpreter to master Korean language and have bachelor degree, but now their requirement is just good command in Korean because not many people can fulfill the two criteria above.

In spite of the “boom”, the supply fails to meet the demand in terms of both quality and quantity.

Increasing pressure on Korean interpreters

People who have experience working with Korean people are aware they set high requirements for the work. Failure to stick to the deadline or lack of carefulness will certainly mean pay deduction or dismissal. Therefore, Korean interpretation is one of the most stressful jobs.

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