Korea now ranks first in terms of investment in Vietnam, which drives the boost of Korean translation services. So this job has never ceased to become attractive, especially to the youth.

At present, beside English, Korean is also the choice of a great number of young people as a second language. It is not only the passion, Korean translation is the dream job of countless youngsters. Let’s find why it is so compelling in this article.

1. Plentiful job opportunities

As stated by Navigos Search HR specialists, Korean manufacture businesses undergoing great growth will strengthen the recruitment of medium- and high-level employees, particularly Korean interpreters. It is not too difficult to be qualified for these posts. A college degree, 1 to 2 years of experience, and good office skills such as Word and Excel will lead you to a secure employment.

Korea currently ranks first in terms of investment in Vietnam, so Korean businesses and manufactures which make investment in Vietnam can be found in all regions of Vietnam. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for those who pursue Korean interpreting career to be employed by big Korean companies and multinational corporations.

Almost all industries with Korean involvement are in need of Korean speaking employees. However, with prevailing number and scale, electronic manufacture has the greatest demand for staff who can use Korean. In particular, Korean interpreter and assistant posts are in great and constant demand.

On recruitment websites, there are numerous posts of Korean translator and interpreter recruitment for both Korean and Vietnamese companies, and the Northern region is undergoing a painful “thirst”. A director of a Hung Yen-based company specialized in supplying inputs for Sumsung Vietnam says the company is seeking for good Korean interpreters due to working with Korean customers, but it is hard to find a satisfactory one. Another example would be TCE VINA JSC which has announced its need for Korean translators and interpreters for months but fails to recruit the right people. This is a garment company whose factory is based in Hoa Xa industrial park, Nam Dinh. These examples show how great the demand is for Korean interpreters.

2. Attractive pay

Apart from Korean translation skills, companies do not set demanding requirements on other skills. You just need to have a college degree, experience of 1 or 2 years, and good office skills such as Word and Excel to earn an initial pay of 10 million dongs/month. Additionally, some fringe benefits may include meal allowance, thirteenth month salary, attendance allowance, and other attractive benefits.

According to Mr. Le Dinh Thanh, an HR specialist, companies offer an average pay of 7-17 million dongs/month for a Korean interpreter. And they can even pay over 20 million dongs/month for highly qualified ones.

In addition to full-time employment opportunities, Korean interpreters can work part-time while making a desirable income. University students who have mastered Korean for one year can get a part-time job with a good pay. Overall, students working as Korean interpreters are paid higher than others. Depending on the nature of the project that requires informal communication or technical knowledge, wage for a Korean interpreter may vary from 500 thousand dongs for a session or from 10 million or even up to 20 million dongs per month.

Chu Quynh Mai, a senior student from Korean language faculty, University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, says with her fluency in Korean, she frequently works as a tour guide for Korean tourists. The work involves scheduling the trips at destinations in the city for one day or half of the day. She hosts 5-6 delegations of tourists per month, let alone individual tourists or couple tourists, which brings her a desirable pay for a part-time student worker.

Greater chance to be employed and more satisfactory salary account for the constant popularity of Korean interpreting job among Vietnamese youngsters. Hopefully, our information gives you a better picture of this job!

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