Korean translation job gives you desirable income.

With the strong influx of Korean economical, cultural and social waves into Vietnam in recent years, Korean language has become more and more popular, which drives the demand for Korean translation personnel for exchange, cooperation and relation purposes.

In Korean translation, translators get relatively better pay compared to translators of other languages. In the current context which demand is greater than supply, a Korean translator can make 20 to 25 million dongs per month if they have good Korean abilities and work hard.

Requirements for good pay in Korean translation job

In order to become a professional translator, a Topik certificate of level 5-6 and experience are required. Apart from Topik certificate, a professional translator should be equipped with technical knowledge such as cosmetics, beauty, construction, etc. because these are areas in which  Korea is investing in Vietnam.

Korean translation experts always say the first experience in translation is deep understanding of Korean, and it is wise not to study too many things at the same time but to master one thing.

Carefulness and meticulosity are also of great importance. Korean clients are strict and if a translation has spelling or grammar mistakes, they will complain or give negative feedback. Then dismissal is unavoidable.

It is not difficult to learn Korean. But to become a high income Korean translator, learners need to practice and work everyday and improve their knowledge and skills.

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