Korean video subtitling is a prominent strength of Tomato Media

Korea is known as an Asian industrial country with its all industries being evaluated as leaders of the region, including construction, mining, entertainment, etc.

Today Korea is making big investments in Vietnam, which means there is a great influx of Korean TV series and movies into Vietnam which require translation and subtitling. It is not only entertainment series but also documentary and advertisement series that come in huge quantity. Video subtitling team also known as subteam work quietly who do not show up but quietly work by the computer day and night.

No matter how quiet it is, it is an indispensible work as Korean films are the most popular means of entertainment. Translators are available in big quantity, and there are even free translation services to ensure audience receives the films in the quickest manner. Subtitlers are also abundant but quality, in this case, is not guaranteed.

There are many cases, as detected by the audience, of serious mistakes, inappropriate and poor translations. The main reason is that movie websites pay subtitling teams too badly, which leads to unguaranteed quality of subtitling.

Tomato earns its reputation in translation field thanks to its Korean translation services such as Korean translation, Korean interpretation, voice-over and dubbing. The reason for this is that Tomato’s partners are leading Korean corporations namely Naver, Samsung, and Kintex. Among others, Korean language is a strength of Tomato. Cooperating with powerful corporations and getting their comments and feedback help constantly improve Tomato’s Korean translation.

We undertake subtitling projects for Korean films and documentaries with the best quality and punctuality. Accurate translation and appropriate style are the two priorities for any translation project.

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