Energy – Environment is always a huge challenge for translators and interpreters, especially translation in thermoelectric field.

Multilingual translation projects

Thermoelectricity translation services aim at assisting businesses with the translation/interpretation of relevant documents and projects in a great variety of languages in energy field (conversion of heat into electricity).

In Vietnam, thermoelectricity is considered a key sector which provides electricity for the whole country using major materials including coal, gas, FO or potential source such as nuclear power. Apart from domestic supply which accounts for the most part, thermoelectric projects in collaboration with foreign countries have become an indispensible trend. Therefore, multilingual translation in this field is becoming more vital than ever.

Multilingual translation in thermoelectric field

Characteristics of thermoelectricity translation

It is an undeniable fact that thermoelectricity translation is a specialized area with its technical documents requiring specialized translators to be accurately translated.

Along with the rapid development of thermoelectricity, more complex long new terms are being coined, so multilingual translation is becoming tougher and tougher with regard to searching for equivalent terms.

Great attention should be paid to translation of universal terms in thermoelectricity because they are of highly technical nature which requires reference to various specialized documents.

Another characteristic of thermoelectricity translation involves the use of auxiliary documents such as law on environment, reports, survey on pollution, technical reports on production processes and safety, documents on energy efficiency, etc.

A reliable provider of specialized translation/interpretation services

Regarding thermoelectricity translation, it is widely accepted among linguists that few translation providers in the market are successful in this field. Upon selecting a translation company clients should pay great attention and may test the qualification of their potential partner.

Among reliable providers of thermoelectricity translation services, Tomato Media is highly rated by its partners and linguists for the quality.

This is the translation company which has been involved in different major thermoelectricity projects, both local and abroad. The multilingual translation process is strictly controlled, from testing the qualification of translators/interpreters to assigning specific tasks to suitable people. The post-translation quality check also follows rigorous standards for the best translation quality.

Tomato Media is now seen as a leading Asian provider of language services which aims clients as the ultimate goal. With customer service staff available 24/7, Tomato Media is ready to meet all the needs of its clients within the shortest time.

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