One of the six “Oil Majors” highly evaluates Tomato during the cooperation

Chevron is an American multinational energy corporation ranking 11th on the Forbes list of 500 biggest companies in the world and is one of the six biggest oil companies in the world as of 2013. Chevron is active in various business areas relating to oil, gas, geothermal energy, chemical, electric generation, etc.

As it is known, Chevron Vietnam is currently working with EVN and Japanese and Thai partners to develop offshore projects and inland gas pipeline projects. Chevron and EVN have been the two major partners of Tomato for the last two years in terms of English translation in engine oil area. In particular, Chevron has signed a lot of agreements and contracts with Tomato.

During the course of cooperation with Tomato Media over the last two years, Chevron has always evaluated Tomato as a reliable and professional translation company thanks to its progressive working attitude and good and punctual translation services.

Oil industry is a highly demanding technical area which requires great amounts of “grey matter” from workers and translators during the process. Moreover, Chevron is a big multinational corporation which sets out much stricter requirements compared to other companies.

Project manager of English-Vietnamese translation in oil area at Chevron has given good feedback to Tomato.

“Receiving good translation quality and professional and serious working attitude of employees, we are very pleased and hope to work with Tomato in coming projects”

“We are very impressed and hope to have long cooperation with Tomato”

Getting positive feedback from a major corporation of the world, we feel proud to possess good and professional resources at present. On behalf of our company, we would love to send sincere thanks to Chevron in particular and all our partners in general who have trusted and supported us. To continue living up to your expectations, Tomato is always strict and cautious in the management and supervision of its employees and gets updated with market trends to ensure best quality and punctuality.

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