Project interpreting is a long and challenging process

Project interpreting is an indispensible area for any project and work of cooperation with foreign businesses. Language barriers are intangible obstacles which lead to a translation type namely project interpreting. Project interpreting is like a bridge to bring the project and work into operation in the most convenient way. Interpreters transform and communicate messages in the most understandable way to partners and vice versa.

Project interpreting is a long process which takes time, say, one week, one month and even months depending on the work schedule. In this case, clients should choose a team of project interpreters to ensure completion of work as scheduled. However, it is not easy to find such a team of translators and interpreters. Aware of what clients want, Tomato Media provides teams of qualified project interpreters for thousands of different projects.

Why Tomato for your projects?

The only reason for this lies in “reputation”. We take pride in being the most reputable and reliable translation company in Vietnam through clients’ evaluation. Treasuring more than 10 years in translation field, we have worked with various international businesses and partners, so Tomato project interpreting teams have improved their abilities through thousands of projects and works.

What do clients get working with Tomato Media?

Qualified and dedicated interpreters

Our interpreters are selected strictly and carefully through various interview and test rounds to ensure they meet requirements on both qualifications and working experience.

Multiple project interpreting forms

Project interpreting may be broken down into different forms depending on client requirements including cabin interpreting, conference interpreting, escort interpreting, etc. Tomato can meet all client requirements with the best quality.

Customer care and warranty beyond your expectation!

Receiving your calls, Tomato will give you free and attentive care and consultation no matter what time it is. For years of operation, we have received no negative feedback regarding translation services and customer care.

For direct consultation and free quote, contact us so that we can serve you.

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