How are the recording, dubbing and voice-over services developing in Vietnam now?

We are exceedingly familiar to the recording, dubbing and voice-over when watching films and television programs every day. Especially in this era of Industry 4.0, approaching TVC, video ads, documents requires subtitles for seamless understanding and following.

Most companies/ individuals who have demand of recording, dubbing and voice-over services often come with translation request. Because the foreign source of materials are very plentiful, which helps us to save a lot of production time.

However, not all translation companies are powerful enough to supply recording and dubbing services.  Becoming a full service company (supply all services) will be an advantage to any companies when the clients have demand.

Tomato Media is now one of the very few companies who can satisfy this demand; at the same time, Tomato Media is also proud of being the company with long-term experience and 10-year operation in the business.

Standards of recording, dubbing and voice-over services

Like other jobs, recording, dubbing and voice-over have their certain standards.

The voice of recording for ads must be the standard one without speech impediment and errors. Often, these voices are selected carefully before starting jobs. The voice is the shortest and strongest bridge for the content of the video ads/ films/ TVC to the audience.

Dubbing must be matched verbal patterns, managing to express the emotions of the video. Even in both foreign and domestic dubbing, “matching” is always the leading standard. Sometimes, the success of dubbing means that the audience will not remember the original voice any more.

Post-production of recording, dubbing and voice-over must be done carefully to ensure the best quality submitted to the clients.

In order to do these things, Tomato Media owns the studio with advanced equipment and international standard, which helps us to serve every demand from the clients at any time.

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