After the base of translation service, Tomato Media is developing strongly the service of subtitle edition and dubbing to perfect the maximum experience of the clients.

With the information explosion in all the fields at the present, the human is having more and more demands to access to the news via plentiful channels such as: video, TV programs, ads, DVD, etc. However, beside the advantage of rich natural resources, listening/ reading is not a small issue. So, subtitle edition and dubbing are the services supplied after translation.

This is also a great concern by the companies operating in Media. While Digital Marketing is developing more and more strongly, approaching the clients via the video and audio channels is the fastest advance of the companies.

Subtitle edition – Finished subtitle

Subtitle is finished after 6 steps: translating, editing, timing, typesetting, encoding. Each steps should be done by the staff with professional knowledge, experience, and especially, this job requires preciseness and carefulness.

Subtitle edition – subtitling requires preciseness

In Tomato Media, ISO 9001:2008 is applied strictly in working procedure. Especially, Tomato Media is a constructive member of ATA, ELIA, AATI and always commits the subtitles comply with the style guide by the client.


Dubbing is another service besides subtitling, and supplied to the clients who expect their documents, films, music, or recoding files to be understood in the fastest way instead of being spent more time on reading each line of subtitles.

Thanks to the advantage of owning a well-equipped recording studio, Tomato Media has produced a lot of high quality products. The clients always award Tomato Media as a Full-service translation company who is reliable and potential to cooperate in major projects for long term.

Tomato Media owning a recording studio for dubbing

Since the services of subtitling, subtitle edition and dubbing came into operation has Tomato Media been helped to strengthen the position in the translation community. With about 100 professional employees and over 3000 global freelance translators, Tomato Media has strong confidence to meet all the requests from the client, including the unscheduled jobs!

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