All about subtitling – an interesting behind-the-scene job.

Subtitles, also known as “subs”, are the main form by which viewers can watch and understand a movie, a learning material, or simply foreign conversations in languages that they don’t speak. In recent years, users have been very familiar with subtitled movies instead of dubbed and voice-overed ones. Creating subtitles for videos started to become popular since the internet was widely used in our country and mainly applied in entertainment, motion picture industry and documentaries.

Steps to create subtitles for videos.

Creating subtitles for video involves a few steps to ensure desireable quality of the video. At Tomato, we follow these 5 steps in order to get a complete video, regardless of its length:


Videos that requires subtitling are in foreign languages, so the translator who has broad understanding about that language will translate and self-proofread their translation to the best of their knowledge.


This requires an editor who can creatively applies principles in grammar and sentence structure of both languages (source language and target language) to the rough translation in order to localize it.


This step involves extreme meticulousness and thoroughness so that the audio is well synchronized with the subtitles. Instances where subtitles “chase after” the voice or appear prematurely are strictly prohibited.


The fourth step is for those who are not only tech-savvy but also have good sense of aesthetics to make the subtitles clear and easy-to-read.


The final yet important step in subtitling process is to burn in subtitles into the actual video. This also requires a tech-savvy person who can use different encoding softwares and understand key specifications in order to maintain the original video’s quality.

A work that seems to be boring but is actually interesting.

Many people still think that making subtitles for videos is a tedious and boring task but it actually brings a lot of joy and passion to those who work in this field. The ultimate goal of video subtitling is to enjoy the feeling when your hard work is presented, well-receipt and looked forward to. Simple comments such as “Thank you sub-team”, or “Looking forward to the team’s next work” are great sources of encouragement for them.

Subtitling gives people more fun than what others perceive. This work also requires a team that work closely together and cooperate well to deliver the best products and to please the viewers. For a complete subtitled video, visit Tomato where we ensure the best quality subtitles with our 5-step subtitling process.