The globalization trend along with the explosion of information technology are promoting the integration and information exchange between countries. The information exchange in many different forms and languages ​​can easily cause misunderstandings due to the difference between languages and local cultures. In order to ensure the effectiveness of information transfer, a professional localization service is essential to increase adaptability to local cultures, meeting the public’s needs of having access to global information.

Overview of media localization

The term “localization” is sometimes equated with the term “translation” by many. These two terms are related, however, they are different in a few aspects. Localization is the process of editing a product to ensure that it suits the culture and linguistic style of the recipient in another region. Translation is often a major part of the localization process but other factors also require attention such as time zones, currencies, language orientation, grammar rules, capitalization rules, signs and symbols, formatting standards of specific types of documents, etc. suiting a locality’s culture and fine customs, this can be considered a very complicated and time-consuming process.


Multilingualism in Tomato Media’s localization service

The process of internationalizing entertainment media publications and products requires a high level of large-scale breakthrough as well as the ability to attract and entice audiences and recipients from many countries around the world. Therefore, multi-language localization is one of the extremely essential services in this era.

There are many entertainment industry powerhouse nations in the world with advantages in not only movies but also music products, entertainment shows, live streaming, etc. Therefore in order to approach, cooperate and expand our scope of influence in this field, companies and enterprises need to pay attention to multilingualism. By creating various different versions in subtitles and source languages, we can easily bring our entertainment products to audiences across the globe. Thus, we can not only significantly increase our business productivity, but also create a huge influence for our nations on the world stage.


Our multilingual entertainment media products and publications localization service include a variety of languages and accents of different cultures on a global scale. Not only popular languages such as English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc. but Indian, Thailand and Filipino languages are also trusted and chosen by our clients.

Variety of localization products at Tomato Media


In order to satisfy the diverse needs of localizing entertainment media products, we constantly strive and complete our products, creating the most public-friendly products possible. Possessing over 10 years of experience, we serve more than 2,000 customers and process over 7,000 hours of videos each month. Our company is proud to be one of the experts in localizing entertainment media products, with products and services in the following fields.


  • Applications localization service (mobile apps, etc.)
  • Software localization service (localizing websites, platforms, etc.)
  • Games localization service (offline and online games)
  • Television products localization service (movies, music products, talk shows, TV shows, live stream, etc.)
  • Entertainment media materials and publications localization service (localizing novels, movie scripts, newspapers, magazines, books etc.)

Tomato Media – Vietnam’s leading prestigious media products and publications localization enterprise


Localization service helps clients realize the ambition of bringing their products to consumers in other markets around the world while suiting to their local languages, cultures, traditions and customs. Localization can be considered essential for products to penetrate the international market, ensuring that products are well-received by consumers requires significant efforts and necessary investments in this process. Therefore, cautiously choosing a high-quality prestigious service provider not only helps enterprises save time and expenses, but is also an essential stepping stone in the process of product internationalization.


With a large force of dynamic, professional translators possessing many years of experience in the field of “transliterating” documents, speaking languages, movies and other forms of materials. Tomato Media is proud to be one of the most high-quality service providers in the country. Our employees are not only linguistic experts but also possess deep specialized knowledge, ensuring the accurate translation of specialized terms and “slangs” to perfectly suit local cultures.


Moreover, Tomato Media applies a state-of-the-art, scientific localization procedure from the stage of receiving and analyzing clients’ requirements to translating and adjusting elements related to local languages and cultures and delivering the final product. All stages are thoroughly monitored and inspected to remove even the slightest errors.


Our translation company pledges to give timely and accurate price quotations, refund expenses if the translated materials’ contents fail to meet the clients’ requirements. Tomato Media always considers the interest of partners and clients as the motto for our activities and developments.


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