Not only being a pure translation company does Tomato Media also aim to complete multi services in order to satisfy all the demands from the clients.

Tomato Media was established and came into operation in 2007. In over 10 year experience, Tomato Media selected Media as the major in supplying language solution. Until now, along with the development of many translation companies and agencies in Vietnam, Tomato Media gradually becomes one of the leading reputed translation companies, keeping a firm position in the eyes of the clients.

Multi services from Tomato Media Translation Company


As the major service of the company, translation section is highly invested by the language staff/ experts. Transferring languages requires high accuracy, ensuring the original meaning and suitable translation to the translated language, especially regarding national culture.

 Translation existing in abundant fields

Not stopping at translating traditional documents, Tomato Media realizes the client’s translation demands also cover video, recording, etc. these non-writing documents need translating and subtitling so that the viewers/ listeners could access to the information in the most convenient way.


High quality subtitling for TV programs, ads, video, DVD, etc., is promoted in Tomato Media Translation Company. The translation is done by the experts who are proficient in languages and subtitled in right font according to the requested transferred language.

Subtitle edition

Most of us get too familiar with Vietnamese-subtitled films. The section of subtitle edition in Tomato Media Translation Company is quite common. This process is transferred from a form of dialog to a written form by deriving encoded words to direct ones or using digitals for video/ website with over different languages. TV programs, ads, video, DVD, web video, and webcast are typical products.


Dubbing is also a section after translation. However, dubbing should be paid high attention to the application of standard voices: natural expression, native voice that is suitable to the targeted objects of the clients.

 Selecting the native voices for Dubbing

Hence, Tomato Media Translation Company makes a careful selection from voices to recording process to ensure DVD authoring, films, PPT, messages, podcast programs, etc., will have the best quality.

Tomato Media Translation Company supplies the all-sided and perfect lingual solution with advanced technology, professional staff, which is surely the sustainable selection for the companies looking for “Full-service” partners!

Tomato Media

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