Tomato Media Vietnam becomes official partner of big Korean corporations

Vietnam is on its way to integration and development. With economic innovations it has attracted great attention as well as investment from major powers in the region including China, Japan, India, and especially Korea. Korea is currently one of the biggest human resources and financial investor to Vietnam. Reputable corporations such as Samsung, Lotte, and Huyndai have long been existent in Vietnam market, along with many small and medium sized businesses. It is not only economic, technological and engineering investments but also Hallyu wave that bring plenty of cultural, social, and educational benefits. The land of kimchi brings its specialties which are favored by not only young people but also housewives.

Korean influx and integration, in turn, drive the growth of Korean translation services which is, however, faced with some difficulties due to insufficient supply.

Challenges to Korean translation

Korean translation jobs are mostly document translation, translation for notarization, interpretation, subtitling and dubbing. And Korean translation covers a wide range of areas namely health, construction, engineering, real estate, tourism, law, culture, society, etc. Interpreting comes in cabin interpreting, conference interpreting, gameshow interpreting, etc. In terms of TV dramas, it is not only subtitled Korean dramas but also dubbed and voice-over ones that are popular with housewives and adults. That is why Korean translation is in hot water with insufficient supply.

Reason for insufficient supply

According to Tomato Media, there are approximately 200 to 300 documents in Korean of all types which need translating, and not so many Korean interpreting projects, but these two areas are both in a shortage of translators and interpreters. Subtitling and recording-dubbing are more stable than those two areas.

With this volume of work, it is understandable there is a supply insufficiency in Korean translation. There are a lot of Korean language learners nowadays, but only half of them, and even much fewer are qualified enough to become a translator or interpreter. Apart from great proficiency in Korean, translators have to master Vietnamese to meet style and appropriateness requirements. Assessment criteria of a Korean translator are much stricter than what is required for the work.

Tomato Media Vietnam becomes a partner of Korean corporations

In the middle of 2017, Tomato Media Vietnam became official and long-term partner of powerful Korean corporations including Naver, Kintex, Samsung, etc. We are proud to work with giants of not only Asia but also the world.

Why Tomato Media Vietnam?

Highly qualified and dedicated translators and interpreters

Well-trained with Topik certificate, our Korean translators and interpreters are always highly appreciated by clients. For every project, clients can look at profile and qualifications of the translator/interpreter in charge to ensure desired quality and schedule.

Caring and thoughtful customer service staff

For years of operations, Tomato has never failed to delight clients or show good working attitude. We dedicate ourselves to every task assigned. Customer-centered, we ensure great fulfillment of all client requirements.

In translation field, quality and punctuality are the most important criteria to evaluate a translation company. For every project, small and big, we ensure excellence in not only quality but also in punctuality. For super-urgent projects which cannot be completed in time, we regret to turn them down instead of saying yes while unable to deliver timely translation.

A wide range of Korean translation offerings at the most reasonable price

We undertake all projects of document and book translation, movie subtitling, and website translation, etc. Additionally, our Korean interpreters are always available for all interpreting types including conference interpreting, cabin interpreting, consecutive interpreting, etc. Our other services such as recording, voice-over, and dubbing are all well-evaluated.

Tomato brand is guaranteed with excellent quality and reasonable cost. We do not make “cheapest translation” commitments, but ensure our charges are the most reasonable and worth it.

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