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Translation is among the most common areas today. Investments from foreign businesses in Vietnam have brought a lot of economic benefits as well as job opportunities, notably translation demand.

For cooperation between Vietnamese and foreign businesses, translation is the bridge to remove language barriers and provide the two businesses with mutual voices during the course of working. Translation comes in different forms including translation, interpretation, subtitling, recording, voice-over, etc. each of which requires a specialized team. Tomato undertakes all translation projects in all forms at the most reasonable cost and in the most diligent manner.

Translation and interpretation

Translation and interpretation require highly qualified and experienced translators. Tomato undertakes all translation projects in all language pairs, from popular languages such as English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese to rare ones such as Khmer, Arabic, etc.


Subtitling is a popular translation form everyone knows through movies, videos, materials, etc. In fact, this form requires more people compared to translation and interpretation as subtitling has many stages, each of which requires a team. Tomato undertakes the translation and subtitling in all languages and video forms.

Recording – Voice-over

This is another popular translation form along with subtitling. Recording and voice-over are mostly used on TV and the voice for recording and voice-over has to be native and standard accent without speech defects. Depending on the context, voices will be carefully chosen to ensure suitability.

Tomato undertakes the translation in all forms and in the most serious and diligent manner. Contact us for free quote and consultation.

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