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Vietnam is making its way to integration and globalization. In this context, it is unavoidable to be exposed to new cultures in the world. Recent years has witnessed extensive and far-reaching influx of Korean culture wave (Koreanization) which is dubbed “Hallyu” or “Korean wave” to Vietnamese youth. At the same time, there have been significant improvements in political and economic relationships between the two countries, especially in commerce, investment, development aid, tourism, and labor. Over the past 20 years, Korea has thrived to become a major economic partner to Vietnam. And Vietnam is also becoming more and more important in Korea’s diplomacy.

Opportunities are abundant but language barriers for both countries are obstacles to our integration efforts. This, in turn, means greater demands for Korean translation services which face some difficulties though.

Tomato Vietnam is proud to be your companion and among the most reliable and reputable Korean translation providers in Vietnam.


Korean is among the five most difficult languages in the world with its various sentence structures. Moreover, its syntax and verb conjugation make Korean hard to conquer. Korean texts also depend on characteristics of Chinese language.

Tomato always makes every effort to provide you with best translation services in Vietnam. For the following reasons, we believe you are making a wise choice coming to us:

  • Clients are entitled to best translation services

We are ready to serve you with best support, care and after-sale services available in the market. Quality is always given priority thanks to our insight into global trends and highly qualified translators. With new translation solutions, scientific and well-structured process and constant improvements in personnel qualification, Tomato is committed to providing safe and effective services with absolute confidentiality of your translation contents.

  • Professional personnel

Our highly experienced, qualified and friendly staff always welcome you to Tomato. Our 24/7 call center is there to answer your questions quickly and effectively. Tomato presents to bring you accuracy, guarantee and safety in all services.

  • Extensive network across the country and the world

With two representative offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, more than 20.000 experienced and qualified Korean interpreters in and out of the country, working in translation field for over 10 years and partnering with big Korean corporations such as Samsung, Naver, etc. Tomato warrants to provide you with best Korean translations with accuracy and appropriateness.


There are not many people who can translate Korean documents and even among them, some do not have deep understanding, broad vocabulary, and good grammar sensitivity and often make mistakes in their translations. In particular, small mistakes in Korean technical documents on machinery and construction may result in huge consequences. Therefore, translator has to have language proficiency and technical knowledge on a specific area in order to produce understandable translations.

Recent years has seen growing popularity of Korean TV dramas and movies in Vietnam with dozens of Korean TV dramas aired on TV and posted on the internet and well-received by Vietnamese people of different ages. Korean dramas and movies brought to Vietnam come in various genres including romance, comedy, detective, horror, etc. which are popular to Vietnamese audience. Tomato has undertaken a lot of Korean subtitling, voice-over and recording projects.

Following is our Korean subtitling process:

  • Analysis of the subtitling project: Identifying content of the film, areas and industries mentioned in the film, characteristics of characters, relationships, etc.
  • Selection of translation and subtitling teams: Different teams are chosen for different genres of films to ensure best suitability.
  • Unifying words: This is to avoid conflicts due to translations by different members.
  • Subtitling: this requires interaction among translators in charge for a smooth and unified result.
  • Editing: This is an indispensible step which proves how professional and dedicated a translation team is.
  • Formatting: This is an important step in localizing a film.
  • Approval: This is the final review before delivery.
  • Confidentiality

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