WEPRO chooses Tomato Media for Korean translation projects

All people working in entertainment industry or relevant areas know WEPRO is a Vietnamese leading entertainment company which is active in such areas as celebrity management and training, advertising, event production, film production, etc.

Vietnamese celebrities who used to sign exclusive contracts with WEPRO include Ung Hoang Phuc, Luong Bich Huu, Trinh Thang Binh, Son Tung MTP, etc., which proves how powerful WEPRO is in Vietnamese entertainment market.

For nearly 20 years of operation and development, WEPRO has made great achievements, both at home and abroad in neighboring countries such as Thailand and Korea. It not only signs with a lot of famous celebrities, but also gains big advertising contracts with Orion, Oppo and Dr. Thanh.

Tomato is proud to be selected by WEPRO as a Korean translation partner and to work with the most professional and reputable production team. Tomato not only completes its tasks but also makes it beyond expectations in terms of deadline and quality.

For more than one year of cooperation, Tomato and WEPRO has entered into various contracts in different areas. Their representatives have had very good feedback about Tomato translators’ working attitude and efforts.

“We are sure Tomato is our long-term partner”

“Accurate translation, appropriate style, punctuality and professionalism”

“We believe Tomato will go further with its progressive working attitude”

With good comments from this Vietnamese leading entertainment company, Tomato promises to bring best benefits to its partners. With beyond-perfect services, carefully selected translators and interpreters, reasonable cost and high quality, Tomato is the most well-built bridge to remove all language barriers and the most reliable company for your need.

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