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I, Application Localization Services

Today, the development of online applications has been making a significant impact on our lives. The power of information from applications can impact an organization. So today’s applications can be seen as the backbone of the business.

Once you’ve translated and localized your app, your business products will have the ability to navigate culture so they are more accessible to customers. This way, you can bring a fun experience to your customers in a new style while still preserving the native app feature.

1, What is application localization?

  • Application localization refers to the process of adapting the look and functionality of a mobile application to a foreign market. The results of the Phone App localization are:
  • The application is converted to the target language. At the same time, the translated content is consistent with the culture, law and customs of the local country.
  • Do not change the original purpose or functionality of the original application.
  • The same look and function were originally created for the target language.

Basically, the Mobile Application is optimized to suit potential corporate customers in international markets. This is the power of application localization.

II, Software Localization Services & Smartphone Applications

1, Bringing software and online applications to the world

Online software and applications, as well as software, have become a part of everyday life. In business, software and technology have contributed significantly to modern production and distribution systems, bringing productivity and increasing revenue exponentially.

However, when emerging in new markets, in order for software and applications to become easy to use, user-friendly, to ensure correct operation, the role of content localization is vital. still. To realize this goal, Tomato Media is a powerful support partner in providing international standardized software localization services. You only need to focus on creating new code while we will be the one to ensure the compatibility of the software in a country where their native language is different from the original.


Website Localization Service helps localize website content suitable to the native language of customers in the target market. Website becomes friendly, easy to read, easy to win the hearts of customers. Thereby, effectively supporting brand identity goals, achieving revenue targets in new markets.

Website localization service is an essential solution to help businesses access foreign markets and increase revenue effectively:

  • 80% of the world’s population has access if your website has 20 most popular languages.
  • 65% of Multinationals believe localization is the key to increasing sales.
  • 57% of customers value product information in their mother tongue more than product price.

(According to survey by Common Sense)

IV, VIDEO Translation

1, Video Localization & Translation Services

Why Should Businesses Use Video Localization & Translation Services?

In the digital age, video conveying content and messages is becoming the communication form that has the most powerful impact on people. Studies have shown that, today, the number of people watching and watching videos of this type is increasing dramatically. One of the main reasons why this phenomenon is that 90% of the information that reaches the human brain is in the form of visual information (images).

Whether used for training or internal presentations, advertising or social media, video is one of the most effective ways for a business to convey a message to its target audience. . However, if you want to influence and influence a global audience extensively and effectively, businesses need to localize (localize) the videos. This makes it easier, faster and more successful for businesses to reach international customers.

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