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Tomato Media’s escort interpreting service provides you with highly qualified professionals, who are fluent in languages, fine-looking and have professional style. Therefore, we will be a partner that you can completely trust in for your business dealings. The information about services of this type of interpretation in this writing will be useful to you, let’s take a look.


What is escort interpreting?

Similar to other types of interpretation, escort interpreting is the activity of converting spoken language into one or more languages. Interpreters will always follow their clients closely to help them convey the meaning of the message as well as receive feedback.

Escort interpreting is a solution to the problem due to language differences. And it is an important factor contributing to the success of meetings, business trips or negotiations, business deals, etc.

Characteristics of escort interpreting

Escort interpreting is a difficult type of interpretation because it is a direct form of work; The interpreters must always be flexible with sentences and direct dialogue that cannot be prepared in advance. Therefore, to be able to complete the interpretation well, the interpreters need to have high expertise, fluent in the language, understanding the context, etc. At the same time, it is necessary for them to have knowledge about culture and economy as well as the laws of the partner country or company.

      Interpreters often walk beside or right behind their clients to facilitate interpreting and conveying the meaning of the message. Interpreters can use headphones or not, depending on the actual situation of whether it affects their hearing or speaking.

  It’s often used in negotiations, exchanges on business, economic cooperation; diplomatic meetings and visits; important contracting deals between agencies and organizations of different countries or escort interpreting can sometimes be used in a regular interview.

  Two languages are common for interpretation. In the case of more than 2 languages, it is agreed to choose English as the common language for interpretation. 

  Escort interpreting usually serves a certain customer. However, there are also cases where it is possible to translate for 2 or 3 people, but please make sure that those people are on the same conversation topic. 

When is the escort interpreting needed?  

  Are you going to meet and interact with a foreign partner?

  Are you in need to enter into a business negotiation or an important contracting deal with a foreign agency?

  Are you going to represent your company at an exhibition, a new product launch or a cultural event?

  Are you going to have a long overseas business trip?

  Are you going to do an international interview?

  Will you travel abroad? etc.

In any case, whether it is important or you simply want to communicate with a foreigner. For language not to be a barrier, you need an interpreter who will assist you convey the meaning, the message and help you understand the responses from your partner. 

This type is called escort interpreting where an interpreter will be your companion, assisting you in communication, interaction, work exchange and helping you quickly adapt to the culture of the partner country.


Tomato Media’s interpreters

Escort interpreting a difficult type of interpretation, in order to complete the task, an escort interpreter must not only be fluent in the language but also have a good understanding of the culture, knowledge of the partner country’s economy, laws and society. The interpreter plays an important role in conveying and responding to the message and is one of the important factors contributing to the outcome of the negotiation – cooperation in business, leaving impressions of the meeting, exchanging with partners, etc.

Understanding this, interpreters at Tomato Media all meet the strict standards of knowledge, skills and appearance to ensure that they can represent your company working with customers.  

Required qualities of an interpreter at Tomato Media:  

  • Fluent in the language with long-term work experience in escort interpreting.
  • Good communication, flexible situation handling skills, a confident demeanor and exceptionally high concentration.
  • Expertise on issues related to the escort interpreting project.
  • Standard, fluent and easy-to-listen-to voice.
  • Professional working style is one of the basic requirements for Tomato Media’s interpreters.
  • Good health with the ability to always join a long business trip.
  • Fine-looking appearance.

Why should you choose interpreting services at Tomato Media? 

Tomato Media is one of the leading reputable service providers of interpreting services in Vietnam. With a sense of responsibility and quality of service, Tomato Media always receives positive customer reviews after they use our services.

  • With over 10 years of experience, we are proud to be the top-quality interpreting brand in the country.
  • 65,281 successful projects with hundreds of major partners such as Sony, H&M, Microsoft, Vietnam Airlines, Bosch, etc.
  • Providing more than 50 different languages, always meeting the needs of every customer.
  • Native interpreting in more than 30 countries with qualified and reputable service.
  • 100% of interpreters with qualifications, good expertise, many years of experience and the ability to adapt flexibly in any situation.
  • Providing interpreting services with a variety of forms, suitable for all customers’ needs.
  • Flexible interpreting package with many special preferential policies for new and loyal customers.
  • For long-term rental, interpreters of Tomato Media are always ready with long-term business trips to maximize support for customers.
  • Renting today’s most advanced and modern interpreting equipment.

Tomato Media provides escort interpreting services for consulates, multinational closed meetings, commercial transactions, conferences, seminars, etc. Please contact us to receive quotes and incentives this month.



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