Game Interpretation

Trend of Game Online

The entertainment field Game Online has never ceased to be hot following the increasing trend of young people. The video game industry is known as a fairly new concept in the market with the world’s leading game companies. A lot of players around the world do not use English. Therefore, the demand for Game Translation & Localization Services is increasing rapidly.

In fact, the difficulty facing game companies is how to translate game content, across all applications and international versions close to the original version.

Increased player experience through Game Localization

Online games are one of the areas where user experience is very important. Therefore, when releasing a game across a country to bring the product to a large number of players around the world, the content localization is an important task of the game manufacturers. Instead of doing it all yourself – leave this intricate work to Tomato Media!

Why should choose Tomato Media Game Translation service?

  • 4,900+ highly qualified translators with 3-10 years of translation experience are recruited and trained.
  • 15 years Experience in implementing Translation – Localization projects for leading businesses and organizations in the world.
  • Impressive translation capacity. Ability to translate up to 20,000 words / day with 99% accuracy. Commitment Game is localized easy to understand, natural, native language standard.
  • Quality standard ISO 9001: 2015. The Game Localization process is strictly managed with 3 strict TEP steps: Compile – Edit – Read and Review.
  • Member of top language organizations. Including American Translation Organization, European Union of Translation, Asian Translation Association.
  • Applying advanced technology. Translation Memory technology, Trados help businesses save up to 50% costs for the next translation times.

Benefits of customers using Tomato Media Game Localization Service

  • Thoughtful and timely consultation – Quotation after 10 minutes. 24/7 support.
  • Game quality warranty after using the service.
  • Sign NDA confidentiality contract with customers – ensure absolute security.
  • Meet every need, anytime, anywhere – in Vietnam and internationally.
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