Linh Nguyen

  • Having graduated from Foreign Trade University.
  • Having 5 years of experience in the position of a Project Manager.
  • Ms. Nguyen Hanh Linh owns a Bachelor’s Degree with Distinction in Banking and Finance from Foreign Trade University. After graduating, Ms. Nguyen Hanh Linh has rich experience working in many large companies as a Project Manager.
  • Currently, Ms. Nguyen Hanh Linh is working at Tomato Media as the Project Management Team Leader, responsible for managing the Project Management team, planning and monitoring the implementation of all projects under Tomato Media. With the rate of 87% of customers returning to use the service, Ms. Nguyen Hanh Linh has been at the top of the industry for many years in terms of expertise and profession.
  • The notable projects of Ms. Nguyen Hanh Linh include Naver project, Vinfast project, Mitsubishi project, etc.