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Need to translate legal documents into foreign languages?

Looking for language experts to perfect your documents for an international partner?

Need to hire a third party to translate but fear information security issues?

What is Legal Document Translation? Why should I choose a Professional Language Service Provider?

Law is a set of generally compulsory conduct rules, issued by the state, guaranteed to be implemented by educational, persuasive, and coercive measures. Each country has its own legal system. This means that legal document translation requires, in addition to foreign language skills, professional knowledge of law in both languages.

Legal document translation is an important field in linking international economic and political relations. Therefore, this profession needs to be handled meticulously and professionally.

Translating and translating legal documents is a field that requires very high precision and meticulousness, requiring knowledgeable, extensive experience and solid specialized knowledge. For example, when translating an economic judgment, if the translator is not qualified, translating the wrong meaning of a short phrase can also cause very serious consequences, causing great damage to people. and property. Therefore, when considering and choosing a language service provider, businesses and organizations operating in the legal field need to be careful and thoroughly researched to avoid negative effects. could happen.

Tomato Media meets all legal translation needs of clients:

Tomato Media has over 5 experience in language services and outsourcing. With a team of highly qualified translators and interpreters, 3 – 10 years of experience in the legal profession. We believe that we can meet all the needs of customers:

Benefits of customers using Tomato Media Legal Document Translation Service:

1, Using Translation and Interpretation services for more than 21,211 Top Fortune 500 Clients, businesses, and more than 30,297 language projects

2, The network of more than 3,876 global translators (in-house, CTV) is carefully and carefully selected and screened. 100% Translating, Interpreting quality standards: Foreign Language Certificate, 3-10 years of experience in Law translation, fast, accurate translation speed, standard local language text, specialized knowledge well, make sure the document is delivered on time. Always available staff, back-up interpreters, 0% of the risk in case the main personnel or customers have a change compared to the expected plan.

3, Meet ISO International Quality Standard 9001 – 2015 provided by BSI, with strict 3-step quality management process by TEP (Translation – Editing – Proofreading) for Translation Services.

4, Fast, continuous and thoughtful process: 24/7/365 consultation; Quick quotation, after 15-20 minutes; Transactions take place, notarize and issue invoices as required; Interpreters are available upon request; Unlimited Number, Time & Location of Interpreters;…

5, Free trial translation, directly check the quality of translators and interpreters. Information is 100% confidential, signed NDA confidentiality contract with all customers.

6, Save up to 50% on the next translation costs thanks to Trados & Translation Memory technology. Many payment packages are diverse and flexible, depending on the budget and the needs of the customer.