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What is a business profile?

A Competency Profile is a Marketing document that provides summary information about the company, its business lines, its differences, products – services, customers, and the company’s projects. This is considered an important document for sales. Company profile is the first impression of customers, partners, investors, contractors with your business. The Competency Document is often used in tendering as part of the Bidding Document. This is where businesses show their ability to win potential projects.

In the past, company profiles were mainly used in construction bidding. In recent years, international cooperation has developed. Company profiles are used for all different industries. This is the first document that customers receive when they need to use products and services of the business. First impression is always one of the decisive factors in future cooperation.

An enterprise capacity profile includes the following elements:

  • General information about the business: name, address, head office, business license, website.
  • Mission, vision, goals, core values ​​of the business.
  • Main areas of business activities, impressive figures.
  • Your products and services.
  • The strength of the enterprise’s products and services compared to that of the same product or service enterprise.
  • Company experience, a list of clients, and a list of projects done.
  • Contact information, company address.

Why do businesses need a reputable Profile Translation Company?

  • At present, Vietnamese businesses tend to expand international markets. In order to do business with foreign partners, translation of business records and documents is essential.
  • Multilingual proficiency is a difficult field, so it needs a reputable institution in charge.
  • Company profile does not only need to be translated into English – Vietnamese. For each target market, businesses should own a separate company profile for easier access to partners.
  • Capability profile not only shows the capabilities of the business, but also shows a professional image. Therefore, businesses need to choose the right professional translation service.

For Marketing publications, Tomato Media uses Creative Translation method. Translating here is not simply translating, but conveys the right spirit and core value that the company wants to aim for. Localized translation suitable for native speakers. Your customers and partners will feel more friendly and respected when approaching company profile. We have translation, editing and electronic publishing specialists. This ensures the most closed and time-saving translation process.

Why Tomato Media is a leading well-known provider of Profile Interpreting Service Provider?

1. Experience:

  • More than 43,000 Clients worldwide (including Top 500 Fortune) were served:
  • We gain a 15-year-experience in providing high-quality English interpretation services on a global scale.
  • More than 124,000 projects in all industries are completed: Manufacturing, Banking & Finance,  Advertising & Marketing, Energy, Consumer Products & Retail, Life Sciences, IT & ICT, Legal, E-commerce, etc.

2. Human Resource:

  • Tomato Media has a network of 4,900 professional and experienced interpreters worldwide, all of whom are rigorously selected and carefully trained.
  • 100% of native English interpreters have IELTS/TOEFL/SAT Certificates, at least 3 years of experience, diverse knowledge of specific fields, good-looking as well as high-level skills in communication and dealing delicate situations.
  • Tomato Media guarantees no risks as we always have substitute interpreters for unexpected situations in case.
  • Our professional Quality Assurance team has rich experience in controlling the quality of language projects.

3. Ability:

  • Tomato Media is a member of many language organizations, including ATA (American Translators Association), ELIA (European Language Industry Association) and AATI (Association of Asian Translation Industry).
  • ISO 9001 – 2015 certified for English interpretation services by BSI.
  • No quantity, time and place limit for English interpretation service.

4. Services:

  • Tomato Media provides super rush services: 24/7 customer support. Quickly quote a price after 15 minutes.
  • Clients are able to check interpreters for free in advance.
  • We guarantee 100% information secure with an NDA.
  • We fully equip interpreters with state-of-the-art technology, including headphones, microphones, booths, etc.

5. Expenses:

  • We offer cost savings by optimizing human resources and technology.
  • Many different levels of pricing are offered so that we can meet clients’ needs and budgets.
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