Project Translating Service

Globalization offers great opportunities for businesses to grow by expanding in international markets. Businesses who want to grow need to think about the global picture. When economic conditions and state policies support trade with foreign countries, language is the only barrier left in international cooperation. Therefore, Project Translator has never been an urgent need for businesses like now.

What is project translation?

Interpretation is a form of verbal transfer from one language to another. Different from conventional types of interpreters such as conference interpreter, cabin interpreter, meeting, … Project interpretation is a process of many separate interpretation activities, lasting a certain time, depending on needs of each business. One (or more) hired interpreters will work with the company throughout the project.

Currently, many businesses understand the market trend is globalization, so they have promoted the recruitment of foreign language-knowing personnel. However, it is a mistake to use non-specialized translators for this task. Translating is not easy without many years of foreign language training and majors that need to be translated. Therefore, hiring a project interpreter at a professional language service company is the best option for the business.

Note when using the Project Translating Service

Projects are usually long-term plans. Hiring an interpreter is sometimes not enough, businesses need to hire a combination of support staff, or at least have a backup plan to ensure implementation progress.

The translation project does not simply focus on a particular specialized area. Many areas will arise during implementation that sometimes the interpreter does not have a deep understanding of. Therefore, the enterprise should first of all provide the most detailed information for the translating company to find the right person. Interpreters are not only good at foreign languages, but also need many years of practical experience in the fields required by the company.

Project interpretation can include many types of combinations such as cabin interpreter, workshop interpreter, … Depending on each stage, businesses will have suitable plans.

Why is Tomato Media the top choice for the client’s Project Translating Service?

  • 15 years of experience serving more than 43,000 businesses, large and small organizations globally (FORTUNE 1000, VNR 500, …)
  • 100 experts and 4,900 professional and experienced collaborators around the world
  • 100% of translators are native speakers, have a bachelor’s degree, have more than 3 years of translation experience, and have full foreign language certificates.
  • The translation process is ISO 9001: 2015.
  • Using the most advanced translation technology available today (Trados, Translation Memory).
  • Fast Translate to 200 words / hour, guarantee 99% accuracy.
  • Sign NDA contract to ensure 100% confidential information.
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