A big picture of Korean translation

It is widely accepted that Korean is the most 12th popular language globally and is widely used in Vietnam, just behind English and Chinese. It is estimated that as of 2018 around 3200 Korean businesses are operational in Vietnam. And from the investment perspective, Korea is the most generous investor in Vietnam at present. Korean businesses have been investing in Vietnam with long-run strategic visions.

Bigger investment from Korea into Vietnam drives the growth in the needs for communication and language use. Language barriers are now removed thanks to “Korean translation services.” It is safe to say Korean translation is among the services which have undergone biggest boost in Vietnam market.

Korean translation is a strong point of TOMATO Media

TOMATO Media is a leading Asian provider of language services including translation, interpretation, dubbing, voice-over, subtitling and staffing solutions in over 50 language pairs. Established by enthusiastic people with rich experience in translation and contributed to by more than 100 employees and 3000 freelancers all over the world, Tomato now possesses a strong network of translators which promises to grow further in the future.

korean translation

Since the early days during the course of establishment and development, Korean translation has always been what TOMATO excels at. We are confident in providing best Korean translation services.

Korean translation comes in a wide variety of forms

Korean translation takes various forms because it consists of different forms, typically the four as follows:

Korean translation

Korean interpretation

Korean subtitling

Korean recording – voice over

TOMATO has signed a great number of contracts with big businesses and corporations and never failed to complete our services so our expertise and experience in Korean translation services have constantly been highly rated by clients.

Possession of highly qualified staff and a wide network of freelancers each of whom has their own strengths allows us to live up to all expectations of clients. Therefore, we provide translation services in various forms and in different areas as well. TOMATO always provides clients with real experiences in every service undertaken by us.

No matter it is a non-technical or technical and challenging area, we are confident to bring the most professional and best quality Korean services.

Finance and banking

Economy and commerce

Electronics and refrigeration

Mechanical and engineering



Oil, gas, and fuel


Pharmaceutical and cosmetics



Film and theater

And many more which are grasped and updated by us to meet client needs.

Korean translation fee

korean translation

Tomato Media does not stick to principles of ‘lowest price’ or ‘highest price’ for any contract. We currently charge clients the ‘most reasonable price’ in the market.

After a Korean translation project is undertaken and analyzed for its complexity level, the price will be transparently and clearly shown and explained to the client. It can be said that at TOMATO translation quality is directly proportional to the cost.

Clients turn to TOMATO for Korean translation services

Clients are a measurement of a brand. Customer retention rate tells how good the service quality is. Since the establishment we have had a great and stable database of clients who come with their Korean translation needs. 100% of clients come back to TOMATO for the continued cooperation. Our clients are not only individuals and small businesses but also such giant corporations as NAVER, KINTEX, VLIVE, SAMSUNG, LOTTE, LG, HUYNDAI, etc. as well.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is not difficult for clients to choose Korean translation services by TOMATO which is confident to bring best care and quality. For free advice and quote, please contact TOMATO MEDIA for 24/7 support.

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