Optimized Translation Solution

Đội ngũ dịch thuật viên chuyên nghiệp tại Tomato Media

Established in 2016, Tomato Media is a leading Asian company in language services and HR solutions with over 50 language pairs. Up to now, Tomato Media has built a strong translation network with more than 100 well-trained employees and more than 3,000 freelancer as professional collaborators worldwide.

“TOMATO confidently takes the lead in the translation industry in Vietnam with outstanding advantages that are not found anywhere else”

(***) Interpreting future trends: We support interpretation on Meeting Online platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout without having to meet partners directly.

Commitments only at TOMATO

We have the best personnel specialized in Korean from project managers to translators. TOMATO is the only translation agency in Vietnam that invests and properly trains the team of Project Managers (PM), Translators and Interpreters with many international certificates.

For specialized documents, we bring a team of In-House Translators and Interpreters along with a network of experienced advisors in a wide range of industries. We guarantee you 100% asymptotic accuracy.

We understand that time is the most valuable asset to every business. With the application of Translation Memories (TM) technology and many of the latest technologies from the world’s leading translation software, Tomato is proud to never be late.

Project costs are no longer a concern. TOMATO is the only company with a flexible charging mechanism depending on the needs of each customer. Customers also enjoy a FREE lifetime warranty for translated content.

Numbers, achievements

  • 25,000 partners, 65,000 successful projects
  • 3,000+ translators and interpreters
  • Having translated >1 billion pages of documents over 100+ specialties
  • Having interpreted 4,000 hours
  • Having dubbed 300+ hours