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Tomato’s commitments:

📗 Professional translators

📗 Commitment to data security

📗 100% on time, on schedule

📗 Translation in 63 provinces

📗 The most modern translation technology

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Main services:

Malay translation

Malay interpretation

Other services:

Malay language localization

Media Translation

Overview of Malay translation

The relationship between Vietnam and Malaysia is increasingly tightened, both culturally and economically. Therefore, the demand for Malay translation is increasing steadily over time.

However, Malay is still considered an uncommon language in Vietnam, few people are fluent in. Therefore, businesses often face many difficulties in finding a reliable partner in charge of translating Malay documents.

As a translation agency with more than 5 years of experience and more than 3000 collaborators worldwide, Tomato Media is one of the few companies that take on translation jobs of this difficult language. 

What are Malay translation services at Tomato?

At Tomato, we translate Malay – Vietnamese as well as many other popular languages. Sign up for the service now!

Our Malay translation services are always appreciated by customers for quality and service attitude. We provide a full range of services related to this language such as:

1. Correct and on-time translation of Malay documents

Documents translated by Tomato Media always ensure 100% accuracy. Therefore, customers can confidently hand over to us all kinds of documents such as:

📗 Notarized translation

  • Personal records and papers such as citizen identification, birth certificate, etc.
  • Profile for Study abroad
  • Immigration documents of all types
  • Certificate of Business Registration
  • Investment certificates
  • Tax registration, tax return
  • Financial report
  • ID card
  • Birth certificate, household registration, criminal record, curriculum vitae
  • Malay language qualifications: elementary, middle, high school, university, college, master, doctorate…
  • Transcripts, school profiles, certificates, certificates of merit
  • Notarization of insurance books, savings books
  • Certificates of land use rights
  • Certificate of Inheritance
  • Certification of product quality and origin
  • Types of legal documents in Malay
  • Business license
  • Investment License

📗 Document translation

  • Commercial documents, foreign trade, accounting and audit documents
  • Tax reports, financial statements, investment reports, appraisals
  • Flyers, PR articles, emails, product labels, marketing content
  • Minutes of investigation, market survey
  • Import and export documents

📗 Translation of documents – contracts

  • Bids
  • Economic contract: investment signing, cooperation between two parties…
  • Labor contract
  • Business capacity profile

📗 Translation of books

  • Autobiography
  • Novel,
  • Short story
  • Long story
  • Poetry, magazine
  • Articles

📗 DTP translation,…


2. Flexible and professional Malay interpretation

Malay interpreters at Tomato Media have in-dept expertise and flexibility, so they can support interpretation in many different events:

🎫 Interpretation in fairs and exhibitions using Malay language

  • Fairs introducing products and promoting consumption…
  • International exhibition of products and services…

🎫 Interpretation for conferences and seminars using Malay language

  • Inter-regional, multinational conference
  • Joint seminar between universities from many different countries

🎫 Interpretation of working, negotiating sessions with Malay partners

  • Contract signing session
  • Technology transfer session
  • Project bidding session

Tomato Media offers various forms of interpretation:

  • Remote interpretation, by phone, email
  • Escort interpretation
  • On-site interpretation
  • Cabin, parallel interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Whispered translation


3. Malay language localization

We have the ability to localize Malay language fluently, in accordance with the regional culture of the target language. Tomato Media provides a diverse system of localization services:

  • Localization of games
  • App localization
  • Software localization
  • Website localization (product website, company introduction website, e-commerce website …)
  • Localization Malay videos (product videos, service videos, company introduction, etc.)


4. High quality Malay Media translation

With more than 5 years of experience in the field of translation Tomato Media is a reliable address for services such as:

  • Malay translation and recording
  • Translation and dubbing of movies, TV series, movies, documentaries
  • Translation and narration of movies, PR videos, product advertisements…
  • Translation of subtitles for Malay movies: detective movies, love stories, fantasy, action…
  • Translation of Malay movies and videos
  • Audio and Video transcription
  • Translation of movie scripts, entertainment shows, reality shows…

Malay Translation Service

5. Malay translation for over 100 specialties – fields

Currently Tomato Media is taking on Malay translation jobs for more than 100 different specialties:

  • Education
  • Travel
  • Restaurant Hotel
  • Economy
  • Banking and Finance
  • Agriculture
  • IT, computers
  • Garment
  • Construction
  • Medicine and pharmacy
  • Media and entertainment
  • Life science
  • Ecommerce
  • Educations
  • Production Engineering
  • Electricity
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Mechanical
  • Environment
  • Energy, oil and gas
  • Law
  • Marine
  • Telecommunications Science
  • Art


Besides Malay, we also provide translation services for a variety of languages ​​for you to choose.

#High quality Malay translation price

The price of Malay translation at Tomato Media is optimized with international quality:

  • Tomato received the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”
  • Tomato entered the top 150 LSPI – the world’s largest translation and interpretation companies rankings
  • Tomato applies a quality management system that is internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015

The following is a reference price quote for high quality Malay translation services at Tomato Media.

Price quote is for reference only ***

Quotes are optimized with excellent service quality

Form Price
Translation of personal documents, papers in Malay 135,000 VND/Page
Regular Malay document translation * 135,000 – 185,000 VND/Page
Notarized Malay translation – Private notary office Translation fee + 65.000 – 80.000 (VND/copy)
Notarized Malay translation – Legal Notary Office Translation fee + 120.000 – 160.000 (VND/copy)
Consecutive interpretation of Malay seminars (2 working hours – 1 interpreter) Contact
Consecutive interpretation of Malay seminars (4 working hours – 1 interpreter) Contact
Consecutive interpretation of Malay seminars (8 working hours – 2 interpreters) Contact
Malay conference cabin interpretation (4 working hours – 1 interpreter) Contact
Malay conference cabin interpretation (8 working hours – 2 interpreters) Contact
Malay localization (websites, apps, software, games, etc.) Contact
Malay Media Translation (recording, dubbing, voiceover, subtitle translation, audio transcription, …) Contact

Quote for Malay translation

* An average document is estimated at 300 words/page.

To get the most accurate Malay translation price quote for your projects, contact Tomato Media:

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Contact to register for Malay translation service at Tomato Media

Using the Malay translation service at Tomato Media, you will enjoy dedicated and thoughtful service. We can mention a series of our strengths such as:

Tomato received the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”

Tomato Media entered the top 150 LSPI – the world’s largest translation company rankings

Service quality is recognized by international standards ISO 9001: 2015

Professional Malay translators

Tomato Media has more than 100 full-time employees, well-trained and rigorously selected, with many years of experience in the profession. These translators are always responsible in their work, dedicated in consulting, and meticulous in translation. All specialized words are translated with accuracy up to 100%, ensuring the accuracy of the document.

Our team of interpreters not only have extensive foreign language skills, but also understand the culture, economy and politics of the target language. The interpreter’s ability to handle flexible situations has helped the client’s work proceed smoothly and smoothly.

Commitment to data security

We always have a legal commitment regarding the privacy policy of customer information and the documents provided. We ensure that all information related to the document and the corresponding translation will not be leaked.

The progress of receiving – delivering the translation is 100% guaranteed

Tomato Media is one of the few translation agencies that has a strong team of translators, including 100 official employees and over 3000 collaborators worldwide. Therefore we can handle large volumes of work in a short time. Besides, our staff are those who have many years of experience in the profession, so they always ensure a fast and stable translation speed. The translation time is always earlier or on time as specified in the contract.

Providing Malay translation services in 63 provinces

As long as our customer is in need of Malay translation, Tomato Media can provide service regardless of space and time. We are always ready to take on requests from customers and provide free consultation 24/7. If customers are in remote provinces, they can use remote translation and interpretation services, the quality is still guaranteed.

Investment in the most advanced equipment and support technology

With the desire to offer high-quality translations in the shortest time, Tomato Media has made a great investment in terms of equipment and technology such as computer systems, recording studios, and modern translation software. The world’s leading translation support softwares such as: Trados, DeJavu, MemoQ, WordFast, Transit, MetaTexis… can be mentioned.

Commitment regarding price

From the very beginning, we will advise the fee in a clear and transparent way. This fee is clearly stated in the contract and it is guaranteed that no additional fee is incurred if the customer’s request and documents do not change.


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