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Chinese Interpretation ServiceDedicated and Professional Chinese Interpretation Service

Tomato’s commitments:

📗 Accurate and culturally appropriate interpretation

📗 ISO 9001:2015 Standard Process

📗 Competitive and economical interpretation costs

📗 Multi-specialty and multi-disciplinary interpretation

📗 Commitment to content and information confidentiality



What are the requirements for Chinese interpretation?

Chinese interpretation service is one of the most popular services on the market today. Besides, Chinese writing style is also difficult to interpret, using many rhetorical sentences as well as very complicated expressions.

China has many localities with a large area, so Chinese language in different regions has differences in terms of lexical systems, idioms, proverbs, historical references as well as pronouns. Therefore, it is required that interpreters, in addition to Chinese language ability, also have a deep understanding of the culture of this country in order to interpret correctly.

In Vietnam, the demand for Chinese language is huge, second only to English. Tomato is a leading Chinese translation agency specializing in providing Chinese interpretation services. Over 5 years of operation, we have been trusted and chosen by many businesses thanks to our high quality of interpreters and many attractive incentive policies.

Professional Chinese interpretation services with native speakers at Tomato Media

Tomato is a professional unit providing reliable and high-quality Chinese interpretation services. We have been cooperating with large and small domestic and foreign enterprises in all fields.

1. Types of Chinese interpretation at Tomato Media

Currently, Tomato is providing many forms of Chinese interpretation to meet the needs of different customers.

Cabin Interpretation
Accompanying interpretation
Consecutive interpretation
Whispered interpretation
Remote interpretation, online Chinese interpretation

With the variety of interpretation forms above, Tomato Media supports many businesses and organizations with popular types of interpretation, which are:

1.1 Chinese factory – workshop interpretation

  • Interpretation of project supervision activities

  • Interpretation of project construction progress

  • Interpretation of occupational safety procedures

  • Interpretation of how to handle technical operating errors

  • Interpretation of how to operate and control machines

  • Interpretation of the daily conversation between the manager and the employee

  • interpretation of product manufacturing process

  • interpretation of product manuals

  • Interpretation of product quality inspection

  • Interpretation of personnel interviews, recruitment and training

  • Interpretation of ccupational safety training,…

1.2 Chinese interpretation in conferences and seminars

  • New product training conference

  • Fitness and sports conference

  • Investment cooperation conference

  • Multinational conference on cooperation and investment issues

  • Trade promotion conference

  • Customer Appreciation Conference

  • Conference awarding certificates of merit and honoring businesses and individuals

  • Quarterly and annual summary meeting

  • Scientific seminar

  • Study abroad workshop

  • International Conference

  • Technology exchange seminar

  • Experience sharing workshop

  • Specialized workshops

1.3 Chinese interpretation in negotiations

Tomato Media provides negotiation interpretation services on a variety of topics, including:

  • Interpretation of negotiation in issues such as business cooperation contracts

  • Interpretation for negotiating and conciliating conflicts

  • interpretation for negotiations on property disputes, divorce, litigation

  • Interpretation for negotiation in multilateral exchange conferences

  • interpretation on economic issues

  • interpretation on political issues

  • Interpretation of negotiation on diplomatic and military issues

  • interpretation of the content of economic contracts

  • interpretation of business mergers and acquisitions

  • Interpretation of negotiation on climate change response

  • Interpretation of negotiation and exchange of measures to prevent the pandemic

  • interpretation of counter-terrorism strategy meeting

1.4 On-site interpretation of Chinese – Vietnamese and 48+ other languages

On-site multilingual interpretation for all industries and areas of life, including:

  • Interpretation of auctions

  • On-site interpretation to report the progress of the project.

  • On-site interpretation of the conversations between the boss and employees.

  • On-site interpretation of meetings and discussion of quick proposals.

  • On-site interpretation at live product introduction.

1.5 Project interpretation

We provide project interpretation services according to the needs of customers with all contents in all fields:

  • Interpretation of commercial projects

  • Real estate project

  • Environment and climate project

  • Women and children protection project

  • Afforestation project

  • Sea and island protection project

  • Cooperation project for exchange of international students

  • Export and import project

  • Resettlement support project

  • Internet resource exchange project

  • Knowledge sharing project to overcome the pandemic

  • Space project

  • Construction and architecture projects

  • Car production project

  • Education and medicine project

1.6 Interpretation for Fairs and Exhibitions

Tomato provides Chinese interpretation services at domestic and international fairs and exhibitions:

  • Fair on import, export, wholesale and retail with bold regional imprints

  • Exhibition to display or introduce goods, products or services

  • Promotional exhibition to encourage buying action and to honor achievements

  • Fairs promoting Vietnam’s main export agricultural products to Chinese market

  • Fairs displaying literary and artistic works of the two countries Vietnam – China

  • Food fair, introducing special dishes of Vietnam and China

1.7 Court Interpretation

  • Criminal trial

  • Divorce trial

  • Trial for violations of management

  • Courts dealing with property and land disputes

  • Trial for pedophilia and child abuse.

  • Trial for kidnapping and trafficking children across the border.

  • Trial for crimes of intentionally detaining and beating people.

  • Court proceedings, dispute resolution

Chinese interpretation

2. High quality multi-specialty Chinese interpretation

Tomato offers a wide range of specialized Chinese interpretation services in more than 50 different language pairs.

  • Medical and pharmaceutical interpretation

  • Architecture, construction design

  • Technology, Postal and Telecommunications

  • Economics, finance, auditing

  • Communication, Marketing and Advertising

  • Cosmetics

  • Travel, hotel, restaurant

  • Electrical engineering, machine operation

  • Garment, leather shoes

  • Logistics

3. Chinese interpretation provided by Tomato across the country

Currently, Tomato provides Chinese interpretation services in two big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Overseas, Tomato Media has 2 branches in Bangkok, Thailand and Jakarta, Indonesia. In addition, we also provide services to all other localities throughout the territory of Vietnam when customers have demand. Please contact Tomato Media according to the information below for detailed advice on Chinese interpretation services.

Hotline: 0938 596 333

📞 Zalo: 0938 596 333 ( Tomato Media )



Why is Chinese interpretation at Tomato your great choice?

Tomato received “Excellent Product – Service 2021” award

Tomato Media entered the top 150 LSPI – the world’s largest interpretation company rankings

Many years of Chinese interpretation experience

Tomato Media is Asia’s leading provider of Chinese interpretation services. During more than 5 years of operation, we are proud to receive the trust of more than 2,500 customers. We have conducted 65,000 successful projects with more than 4722 hours of interpretation. Therefore, customers are completely assured when using our Chinese interpretation service.

Highly qualified staff

Tomato’s entire interpretation staff graduated from top universities. Our interpreters are all certified and have at least 3 years of experience as Chinese interpreters. In addition, our team of interpreters has multi-disciplinary knowledge.

Interpretation process meeting international standards

The interpretation process at Tomato meets international standards ISO 9001:2015, optimizing time, being quick, simple, and time saving for customers. During the cooperation process, the interpreter always adheres to the schedule and completes the required tasks. The interpreter listens carefully to the original content and then interprets it into the target language without adding or subtracting the client’s content.

Reasonable interpretation fees

Tomato provides the best Chinese interpretation services at a competitive price. In addition, Tomato also regularly applies promotions and gifts to loyal customers on major holidays of the year.

Guaranteed 100% confidentiality of transactions

Information security is the most important factor in the field of interpretation. Tomato guarantees not to disclose customer information to 3rd parties. All documents, information, data, contracts exchanged between Tomato and customers will be absolutely confidential.

The current Chinese interpretation process at Tomato Media

The following is the Chinese interpretation process at Tomato Media. We always optimize the process to give our customers the best and most convenient experience.

Chinese interpretation service at Tomato Media is trusted by 1500+ customers

Chinese interpretation service in Tomato is trusted by thousands of customers. That includes individual customers as well as large and small business partners.

Questions about Chinese interpretation

With 1.3 billion speakers, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world and belongs to the Sino-Tibetan group of languages. In addition to China, it is spoken in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines,...

In Chinese language, distinctions are made between different regional dialects. The most common Chinese dialect is Mandarin, also known as Standard Chinese. Mandarin is also spoken in Taiwan and Singapore. In addition, there are Wu, Cantonese, Min, Jinyu, Xiang, Hakka and Gan dialects. Wu is popular with 80 million speakers and is spoken in the Shanghai Estuary and Yangtze regions. With 70 million speakers, Cantonese is also an important dialect as it is spoken in the Hong Kong, Macau, Cantonese, Wuzhou and Guangxi economic regions.

The dialects of Chinese differ greatly from Standard Chinese (Mandarin). The are based on the same script, but the characters are sometimes combined differently, and the pronunciation also follows different rules.

In order to find a Chinese interpreter that is suitable for your purposes, it is essential that you research the type of Chinese language your partner speaks first. Dialects are sometimes very different and therefore it is unlikely that every Chinese interpreter can speak multiple dialects.

In addition, you must decide on a type of interpreter. Basically, you have a choice between consecutive and simultaneous interpreters. Consecutive interpreters are especially recommended for business meetings or negotiations, as interpreters take turns translating what is said by both parties into another language. For a larger event, factory tour, or training, it's a good idea to hire a simultaneous interpreter, who translates spoken words in real time, through whispers or an interpreter booth (cabin) in which the interpreter listens through headphones and transmits the interpretation to those involved via a microphone. This requires the right technology.

For round trips through China, we recommend that you have an interpreter to escort you, who will accompany you the entire route and therefore can take care of communication at any time.

With the above factors, you should register for a Chinese translation service with a reputable, high-quality translation company that has achieved many achievements and awards such as Tomato Media to discuss specifically for the upcoming event. yours.

Tomato can instantly provide you with an interpreter perfectly tailored to your requirements - regardless of language pair or region. Onsite appointments in China are also no problem.

We only provide you with qualified interpreters for specific fields of expertise and also interpreters who are knowledgeable in Chinese customs. On request, remote interpreters are also available, for example for online appointments during the pandemic.

There is not only a great demand for Vietnamese - Chinese interpreters, but also for English - Chinese,... interpreters. We are delighted to provide you with a personalized offer. Simply fill out the contact form or give us a call.



The promise of quality

Tomato Media guarantees to provide high quality service, consistent in all commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes so that we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed customer expectations.

Tomato Media Company – Chinese interpretation service – Professionalism – Prestige – Confidentiality


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