Vision & Mission


– A Bridge that helps customers connect with the world by providing business support and language solutions.

– Helping businesses as well as individuals to expand markets and develop business relationships with the world in the period of globalization.


Become one of the top 30 leading language solution providers in Asia within 10 years.


Philosophy of tomatoes: “Tomato writes in reverse is still Tomato. If you are reversed, tomatoes are still tomatoes”. Green tomatoes are green on the inside, and red on the inside. Unlike a watermelon, the outside is green, but the inside is red.

Tomato Media commits to always sincerely follow “ Triết lý cà chua” with the message of “living the true nature”. We always put the interests of customers first, try to bring product quality at the best price and ensure absolute punctuality, never delay. Bring customers the best trust and experience.