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English translation serviceEnglish translation service in Tomato – High quality – Reliable

Tomato’s commitments:

📗 Translation with up to ~99% accuracy

📗 Confidentiality agreement with NDA

📗 Timely delivery

📗 Diverse translation for 100+ specialties

📗 Quality of translation according to ISO 9001:2015


If you are in need of:

  • Translation for records, academic documents, websites, contracts… in a short time with high accuracy 
  • Reliable English document translation at a reasonable cost
  • Translation services with absolute confidentiality and transparent contracts.

English translation – global trend

English translation services appear in almost every field and profession. Under the push of globalization, the need for translation services has increased even more. This creates favorable momentum for the “blooming” development of language translation companies. However, not all language translation businesses provide good quality. Immediately take a look at the services provided by Tomato to make the right choice for yourself.

Accurate and fast English translation services provided by Tomato

Tomato is one of the leading English translation agencies in the market today. We specialize in many forms of translation for the diverse needs of our clients. Typical are some of the following services.

1. Document translation for all formats

We take on English translation jobs for a variety of different types of documents and texts.

📗 Book Translation

The books and newspapers translated at Tomato Media vary in types, such as:

  • Books and newspapers for education and scientific research such as foreign language books, math books, scientific research materials, history, architecture…
  • Story books, literary works, novels, short stories, prose, poems, etc.
  • Handbooks for cooking, behavior, life lessons…
  • Magazines, newspapers, online newspapers related to fields such as health, education, technology, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, world news…

📗 Notarized translation of documents and records in English

Notarized English translation is one of the most widely selected services in Tomato, with translation forms such as:

  • Translation for notarized personal documents such as job application, resume, citizen identification, birth certificate, certificate of land use right, passport, driver’s license, marriage certificate, diploma…
  • Translation for foreign documents such as study abroad documents, labor export documents, tourist visa applications, notarization of foreign settlement procedures…
  • Notarized translation of labor contracts, commercial and economic contracts…
  • Translation for tax reports, tax procedures, audit documents, accounting, receipts and payments, invoices…
  • Notarized translation for bill of lading (BL), certificate of origin (CO)…
  • Translation of documents, company capacity profiles, bidding documents… 
  • Translation of business license documents, product publication permits, construction permits or patent recognition documents…
  • Translation of legal documents related to home buying and selling procedures, testaments, medical records, injury proof…

English translation

📗 English translation of contracts and reports

Tomato takes on translation jobs of contracts and reports in various forms and fields such as:

  • Translation of commercial cooperation contracts, joint production, import and export of goods, product purchase and sale contracts…
  • Labor contract translation
  • Translation of tax reports, audit reports, invoices, tax declarations…
  • Translation of asset valuation reports, financial statements…
  • Translation of business result reports or project completion progress…

In addition, we also support English translation for the following types of documents:

  • Translation of MSDS documents
  • Translation and design of DTP for documents, newspapers, websites, etc.
  • Translation of company profile, business introduction documents, etc.
  • Translation of dissertations and academic documents such as graduation thesis, master/doctoral theses, scientific research documents, thesis reports…

Request English translation right at Tomato to get up to 100% accuracy.

2. English translation for many specialties – fields

Tomato provides translation service spanning over many fields:

  • Post and Telecommunication
  • Legal field
  • Medical, pharmaceutical fields
  • Cosmetics
  • Culinary
  • Finance – Banking
  • Accounting audit
  • Insurance
  • Tourism
  • Restaurant – Hotel
  • Automotive Manufacturing Engineering
  • Oil and Gas
  • Electricity
  • Mechanical field
  • Agriculture
  • Garment
  • Life science
  • Construction
  • Real estate…

Tomato provides translation services for English – Vietnamese and many other popular language pairs. You can immediately register for our English translation service for prompt support.

What are the benefits of English translation service at Tomato?

After just over 5 years of establishment, Tomato Media has gained many outstanding achievements, including the trust of +1,000 customers, +2,500 partners, and successful completion of over 65,000 projects including more than 1 billion documents. The above proud numbers come from the following strengths in our services.

English translation service

Tomato was awarded the title of “2021 Excellent Product – Service”

English translation service

Tomato Media is in the Top 150 of The Slator 2022 LSPI

English translation service

English translations proofreading enhances accuracy and refinement

A team of senior translators, proficiently using office computer tools, helps to ensure that the translation is carefully edited, in the correct format, enhancing accuracy as well as professionalism for the translated version.

Translation quality meeting international standards

Tomato is an official member of prestigious international language associations such as ATA, ELIA and AATI… Therefore, the quality of our company’s translations is always monitored and operated according to the management system meeting ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Fast English translation

Translation speed at Tomato is up to 20,000 words/day, allowing quick and accurate translation of a large number of jobs in a short time. In particular, we always ensure 100% compliance with the deadline for translation delivery to all customers.

Commitment to customer information confidentiality with NDA

All information in the documents is kept absolutely confidential by Tomato through the NDA. Any information leaked during the translation process will be compensated by us and we shall be legally responsible according to the signed agreement.

Dedicated and passionate customer service

The staff at Tomato are always ready to advise and answer to your needs all days of the week. Quotation process is done quickly after only 15-20 minutes after receiving all requirements from customers.

Professional English translation process at Tomato

The following is the process of professional English translation services with international ISO 9001: 2015 certification at Tomato:

English translation service


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