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Economic translationEconomic translation in Tomato – High quality

Tomato commits to:

📗 99% accurate translation

📗 Team with economic knowledge

📗 50+ languages, diverse topics

📗 NDA security commitment

📗 Optimization of translation costs

Why is economic translation important?

Economic translation requires highly accurate translation to convey the right information into another language.

Globalization makes business activities and economic-related factors change, move, open up opportunities for businesses to develop,… Therefore, the need for translating economic documents, records as well as interpreting in negotiations, transactions, … is becoming more and more urgent. The peculiarity of economic majors is that they always put accuracy first because it can affect the efficiency of negotiations, the success or failure of cooperation. Besides, economic translation also requires speed, updating to catch up with world trends.

With more than 5 years of experience, Tomato Media has successfully built a business translation brand in the hearts of many customers. We are proud to bring reputable, quality translation services at competitive costs.

High quality – Prestige economic translation service in Tomato

Tomato’s high-quality economic translation services include:

1. Tomato reliable translation of specialized economic documents

Translating economic documents will help you access the world’s huge knowledge base as well as create favorable conditions for cooperation. With a team of highly qualified and professional translators, Tomato Media has received many translation contracts for domestic and foreign partners with a variety of documents:

  • Translation of economic books, textbooks, research theses on economic majors
  • Translation of commercial document
  • Translation of economic law documents
  • Translation of macroeconomic survey documents
  • Translation of business plan
  • Translation of research documents, market analysis
  • Translation of market information documents
  • Translation of capability profile
  • Translation of documents about insurance
  • Product catalog document translation
  • Website translation

2. Tomato notarized translation specialized in economics

Tomato is pleased to introduce to customers a notarized translation service specialized in economics, ensuring accuracy, format and legality. Some notarized documents Tomato often receive from customers include:

  • Types of reports: Business results, finance, banking, audit, shareholders, profit and loss, credit, …)
  • Business license
  • Tax return
  • Types of documents: Export and import slips, receipts and payments, minutes of property delivery and receipt, VAT invoices, etc.
  • Distribution contract, purchase and sale
  • Import and export contract

3. Tomato provides translation services for business majors speaking native language

Tomato is proud to be a unit providing translation services specialized in economics with more than 50 different languages. Some types of translation Tomato Media have done include:

️🎧 Cabin/simultaneous interpretation
🗣️ Consecutive, following interpretation
👫 Escort interpretation
👥 Whisper interpretation
️💻 Online translation via video call

These forms of interpretation will be specifically consulted by Tomato to flexibly apply to each model and nature of the meeting such as: board of directors meeting, shareholder meeting, conference, seminar, events, negotiations, construction sites, factories, live TV programs, courts to hear economic cases, etc.

4. Tomato provides economic localization service

Tomato has built a team of local expertise to provide the following services:

  • Application localization: online shopping, customer data management, automated customer support, etc.
  • Software localization: sales management, interaction management, accounting software, statistics processing software, etc.
  • Website localization: landing page, sales website, product introduction, business, economic news blog, etc.
  • Video localization: Documentaries, TVCs, promotional videos, etc.

5. Tomato economic media translation

  • Translation & Recording: introductions, advertisements, product manuals, etc.
  • Translation, narration, dubbing: documentaries, TVCs, promotional clips, video tutorials, product and service introductions, etc.
  • Translation of subtitles: presentation files, training, movies, reportages, TV shows, promotional clips, etc.
  • Script translation: advertising, content of the launch ceremony, meeting to introduce products and services, …

Economic translation in 50+ languages ​​in Tomato

Tomato provides economic translation services with a variety of popular languages:








Korean language





Myanmar language


Cambodian/ Khmer





Besides economic translation services, you can also see Tomato translation field with a full range of specialties and fields.

High quality economic translation costs

Economic translation costs at Tomato Media are optimized with the highest quality service:

  • Tomato received the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”
  • Tomato applies a globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system
  • Tomato entered the top 150 LSPI – the world’s largest translation and interpretation companies rankings

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Translation services specialized in ECONOMY

5+ years of prestige– High expertise – 24/7 support

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When you sign up for economic translation services at Tomato Media, your costs will be optimized with high quality services thanks to the application of a quality management system according to international ISO 9001:2015 standards.


Or you can also see the ‘reference price list‘ of all services at Tomato Media.

Why should you choose economic translation services at Tomato?

Tomato not only provides a variety of specialized economic translation services, but also gives customers absolute satisfaction about the quality of the delivered products. Tomato’s strengths include:

Tomato received the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”

Tomato Media entered the top 150 LSPI – the world’s largest translation company rankings

Strong experience

  • Acquired international ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management System.
  • 5 years of experience in providing economic translation services.
  • Successfully executed more than 1 billion pages of documents, more than 4722 hours of translation, more than 2,431 hours of voiceover recording.

Strong staff

Tomato owns a network of more than 100 professionals and 3000 collaborators everywhere, which are carefully and rigorously selected. The translators all have professional certificates, are knowledgeable in knowledge as well as economic terms, have worked on many projects to ensure fast and accurate translation speed, ensuring the textual style.

Besides, with a large network of personnel, Tomato can provide translation services for economic sectors in all provinces and cities in Vietnam. In addition, we also offer online translation to save time and effort for customers.

Ability to translate quickly, commitment of being on time

With a translation speed of up to 20,000 words/day, we can meet the needs of translating multi-languages, multi-fields, documents with difficult terms with asymptotic 100% accuracy. Customers can be completely assured of the work progress when cooperating with Tomato.

Good customer service

Tomato has built a fast and thoughtful customer service process with a team of consultants operating 24/7 to help support questions and provide quick quotes after 15-20 minutes. In addition, Tomato also wishes to optimize the customer experience with services: door-to-door delivery, notarization, invoice issuance on demand, short-term, long-term interpretation, business travel on request. … Especially, when working with Tomato, customers will have 100% confidentiality of information by NDA security contract.

Preferential cost

Tomato offers a variety of service packages to suit the needs of customers. The quotation of translation costs at Tomato Media is always transparent and clear, ensuring no extra-contractual fees. In addition, we have incentives for customers to return to use the service the next time.

Be a reliable partner of many customers

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