Compilation of the latest translation templates for high school diplomas and graduation certificates in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

The translation of a high school diploma is one of the necessary procedures when you need to complete documents for your study abroad application, labor export, or travel. For the most accurate translations, let’s use the following translation templates for high school diplomas and graduation certificates.

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What is the use of the translation of high school diplomas and graduation certificates?

The high school diploma must be translated into the language of the country of destination for it to be legal, and doing so will be very helpful for anyone planning to:

  • Use your diploma to register for an apprenticeship

  • Submit your application for admission to colleges and universities

  • Apply for a foreign scholarship

  • Submit your application to study and work abroad

The latest high school diploma translation template

Whether self-translating or seeking the services of translation companies, it is necessary to ensure that the information and format of the translation are consistent with the original. You can refer to the following high school diploma translation templates for more accurate translation and text formatting.

English is widely used as a language of communication in many nations, and high school diplomas are frequently translated into English. Here are some common English translation templates for high school diplomas.

China is one of the countries that many people choose to study and work in. Therefore, the need to refer to the translation templates for high school diplomas into Chinese is also of great interest to many people.

The translation of high school diplomas into Japanese also has regulations on standard formats. Here are some templates of the latest Japanese translation of high school diplomas.

Currently, many Korean companies and schools attract the attention of students and people working in Vietnam. To be able to work and study in these destinations, you may be required to present a high school diploma translated into Korean.


Below is the latest German and French high school diploma translation template for your reference.

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Tomato Media, in addition to providing the translation of high school diplomas, supports you in translating a variety of other personal documents, such as:

Birth Certificate

Judicial record

Identity card/ Citizen Identity Card/ Passport

University or college degree

Communist Youth Union membership card, Communist Party membership card

Degree, certificate

Marriage certificate

Divorce Application

Household Registration Book

Vehicle registration certificate

Driving license

Certificate of land use rights and house ownership

Medical record



Types of decisions, certificates


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High-quality translation solutions from Tomato Media

During more than 5 years of operation in the field of translation, we have been honored to be chosen by many customers and partners because of many advantages:

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  • The translation process is optimized, meeting the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015.
  • A team of highly skilled and experienced translators who are carefully screened can deliver translations that are close to 100% accurate.
  • A commitment to absolute confidentiality of information about customers and projects by NDA agreement. The agreement’s performance is closely monitored, and there is considerable compensation in cases of violations.
  • The best, most transparent, and most detailed translation cost with a commitment to no extra charge
  • Quotations are designed according to the separate requirements for each project.
  • The best translation warranty ensures the interests of customers.
  • Online translation services help customers save time while ensuring the same quality as when going directly to the office.
  • Tomato is proud to receive the “2021 Excellent Products and Services” award and has reached the top 126 of the Slator 2023 LSPI.

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Frequently asked questions about the high school diploma translation service

Q: How long does it take to translate a high school diploma?

A: The high school diploma translation turnaround time depends on the word count in the original, the number of translations, and the difficulty of the language. A high school diploma is considered a short and simple document, so Tomato can completely translate it and deliver it within a day with guaranteed quality in cases of a small number of translations.

Q: Can I perform a notarized translation of my high school diploma myself?

A: You must fully satisfy the requirements outlined in Article 61 of the Notary Law 2014 (in effect as of January 1, 2015) in order to self-translate and notarize your high school diploma.

  • Must be a collaborator of a notary practice organization
  • Graduated from a foreign language university or another university
  • Fluent in the language to be translated.

In short, if you are confident with your language skills, you can translate your own high school diploma for personal use. However, when a notary seal is required, the self-translation cannot be used.

Q: I want to translate my degree without notarization; is it possible?

A: Tomato Media can offer high school diploma translations without notarization. However, a high school diploma is one of the most important documents. Therefore, a notarized translation of your high school diploma is almost certainly required to ensure legality if you need to complete administrative procedures, submit a study abroad application, or make a job application. Therefore, you should use a notarized translation service that both saves time and effort and ensures an accurate and legally valid translation.

Q: Do I need to send the original to the company for the translation of my high school diploma?

A: During the translation process, Tomato does not require the customer to send the original. To make it more convenient and faster, you just need to send a scanned copy of your high school diploma to us. However, if you have a need for notarization, the original is required to compare and verify the accuracy of the translation.

Q: How much does a high school diploma translation cost?

A: The cost of translating a high school diploma at Tomato Media is calculated based on the difficulty of the language to be translated and the required deadline. Besides, you may get a discount if you have a large order value. Therefore, to know the exact cost, you can contact Tomato directly via hotline or send a request to receive a quote via email for quick support.

Above is a compilation of the latest translation templates for high school diplomas and graduation certificates that Tomato Media wants to share with you. If you need the support of professional translators, please contact Tomato Media immediately. With years of experience in the industry, we guarantee the highest level of satisfaction for high school diplomas and graduation certificates.

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