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Tomato’s commitments:

📗 Translation in more than 50 language pairs

📗 Diverse forms of translation

📗 Guaranteed accuracy close to 100%

📗 Quality standard ISO 9001: 2015

📗 Confidentiality under NDA contract mechanism

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Multilingual translation poses various challenges

Multilingual translation is becoming more and more popular in our country. The trend of globalization opens up the prospect of strong FDI in our country in many fields.

According to the General Statistics Office, as of September 2021, Vietnam has received an investment capital of 22.15 billion USD from a lot of countries such as Singapore, Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Netherlands, Italy, France, Russia…

FDI capital helps us in expanding the diversity of industries, creating a rich source of jobs. At the same time, culture, lifestyle, cuisine, technology, products, news… from other countries are also imported into our country. This has created the opportunity for a wide range of language services to flourish. Because an effective way to learn information from the above fields is through language translation.

However, the quality of language translation is not uniform among translation service providers. The best way to ensure the effectiveness of the project is to find licensed and highly reputable language translation agencies in the market.

Multilingual translation of 50+ popular languages ​​in Tomato

Multilingual translation service at Tomato is not only high-quality but also well-catered for a lot of options for your the desired language. Let’s take a look below!

1.  High quality multilingual translation at Tomato

Multilingual translation allows simultaneous access to different target groups, with the ability to exponentially multiply the number of audiences that would recommend your product, service or brand. Multilingual translation work differs from translation work involving a single language pair, due to the simultaneous management of different translation teams and processes. This requires the translation service provider to have expertise in the field of translation as well as many years of experience with this rather complicated type of translation.

Each language has its own characteristics. At Tomato, when you sign up for a multilingual translation service, you will have access to a fast and professional process along with qualified and experienced language experts.

What we always aim for is the satisfaction of every customer like you, so all the services you receive from the time you sign up for our service to the time it’s completed are designed professionally and quickly with a package price quote.

2.  List of languages ​​​​translated at Tomato

Tomato is one of Asia’s leading language solution companies. With the quality of services recognized by ISO 9001:2015, we now possess a multi-specialty translation system with more than 50 languages.


3.  Popular languages translated ​​in Tomato


English is certainly a commonly used language, especially in the world of work and communication. Professional Vietnamese-English translations are therefore a necessary and delicate step for anyone wishing to introduce their business abroad.

At Tomato, we are used to a specific type of English – almost a linguistic variant that could be called Vietnamese-English, as a so-called localization of English.


The Chinese language uses no alphabet, but an ideal type of writing system: instead of words made up of letters, a series of characters (symbols) are used, where each character has a specific meaning.

At Tomato, we work exclusively with professional native speakers, ensuring excellent quality multilingual translations!


This is the language of tough charm (just think of the popularity of Japanese tattoos), the main feature of which is related to writing, which is based on three different systems called are Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

At Tomato, all our experience in Japanese translation service is ready for you.


Korean is part of North Asian language family, also known as Altaic, which also includes Turkish, Mongolian, and Japanese, suggesting early northern migration and trade.

At Tomato, our Korean translators have not only completed 300+ projects including interpretation, translation, dubbing, voiceover and localization, etc., but also provided services according to ISO 9001:2015 international standard.


Spanish was developed from Vulgar Latin, under the influence of other languages ​​of the Romanized territory of the Iberian peninsula (Basque, Celt, Iberian, etc.), Arabic, and other neo-Latin languages ​​(Occitan, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, etc.) and, more recently, English.

At Tomato, our translators not only understand such characteristics, but also have 5+ years of experience in Spanish translation so that you can be satisfied with the highest quality of translations.


French belongs to the Romance languages of the Indo-European family. French writing uses the Roman alphabet, consisting of 26 letters.

At Tomato, our translators understand that: among the distinctive features of French phonetics, nasal vowels and r sounds cannot be ignored, which is the tip for anyone who wants to improvise as a French native!


Vietnamese-German translations have many complications due to the characteristics of the language: one of which is the special length of the words that often force a complete reorganization of the text’s layout.

At Tomato, we provides German translation services with professional and technical translations. In addition, we also have a post-translation check before handing over to the customer and a wide range of ancillary and complementary online translation services!

Detailed services for each language at Tomato

More than 50 languages ​are translated at Tomato by various forms of translation and interpretation with over 100 specialties. Our typical multilingual translation services are:

1.  Document translation into more than 50 languages

We provide a variety of languages ​​for translation services of documents, records, papers in many important fields in daily life.

Notarized translation

Translation of personal notarized records, documents and papers, including:

  • Visa application
  • Documents for studying abroad
  • Curriculum vitae, birth certificate, household registration book, passport, identity card…
  • Marriage certificate
  • Graduation diplomas, foreign language/informatics certificates, academic records…
  • Health certificate/ medical records, social insurance, medical insurance…
  • Dossiers for visa, study abroad, labor export
  • Labor contract, payroll…
  • Job application…

Translation of notarized documents and dossiers for businesses:

  • Business license
  • Product announcement license
  • Advertisement licencse for services and products
  • Licenses, certificates of service quality, human resource management system or equipment system, production technology…
  • Invoices, documents, permits on import and export of goods
  • Application for copyright protection, trademark protection registration…
  • Purchase and sale contract, transfer/merger contract, joint venture contract…
  • Bidding documents, bid calling documents, bid registration documents, bid capability documents…
  • Tax reports, reports, invoices, receipts and payments related to finance, auditing, accounting…

Translation of specialized documents in multiple languages

Besides notarized translation, we also support translation of many other types of documents such as:

  • Translation of books, newspapers, magazines, multi-disciplinary documents
  • Translation of graduation thesis reports, theses, academic documents… for bachelors, masters, doctorates…
  • Translation of documents, scientific research works, manuals, installation instructions… in fields related to engineering – production
  • Translation of brand advertising publications such as company profile, brochure, catalog, leaflets, flyers…
  • Translating DTP
  • Translating MSDS

Multilingual translation services

2. Multi-language interpretation

Professional interpreters are well-trained from many prestigious universities and experienced in the translation industry. They are fully skilled and capable of performing the following types of interpretation:

  • Cabin interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation
  • Accompany interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation forms…
  • Remote interpretation via voice or video call with applications such as Zalo, Messenger, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet…

Based on customer requirements, Tomato will apply the above interpretation methods in the following situations:

  • Direct interpretation at construction sites, factories, production workshops, industrial parks…
  • On-site interpretation for field surveys, visiting tourist sites, museums, cultural – historical relics…
  • Interpretation in court proceedings, civil or criminal disputes
  • Interpretation in conferences, seminars, projects, press conferences, award ceremonies, cooperation signing ceremony…
  • Interpretation for bilateral or multilateral negotiations related to the fields of politics, diplomacy, economic cooperation, joint venture or business merger…
  • Interpretation for fairs, photography and art exhibitions…
  • Interpretation for online meetings, TV programs, discussions, meetings, telemedicine consultation
  • …. 


3.  Multi-language localization – excellent quality

At Tomato, localized translations for more than 50 languages ​​are assured with excellent quality by a team of veteran designers and translation experts who specialize in many types of projects such as:

  • Website localization includeing website with brand and business information, product and service introduction, newspaper website, online magazine, landing page…
  • Localization of graphic design support software, word processing software, accounting and auditing software, logistics management software…
  • Localization for applications such as music app, movie app, chat app, reading app, health checkup app…
  • Localization for videos in many fields such as movies, music, culture, journalism, education, science, history…
  • Localization of games such as online games, offline games, products accompanying games, games played by handheld game consoles, mobile games, computer games…


4.  Multilingual Media translation ​​at Tomato Media

Tomato is capable of serving various forms of multilingual Media translation such as:

  • Translation together with recording
  • Translation and dubbing
  • Translating together with narration
  • Subtitle translation and creation
  • Multilingual script translation
  • Transcription and translation of a variety of audio and video files
  • Film and video translation…

With a team of professional translators and filming technicians, we are capable of providing Media translation services for many fields:

  • Movie genres such as cinema movies, TV series, cartoons, short films, documentaries, musical films…
  • Video/audio formats for newspapers and television such as reportage, news, interviews, gameshow, talkshow, livestream, sports reports…
  • Videos for advertisement such as TVC, viral clips, manual videos, product production process…
  • Videos on social networking sites like Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook…
  • Videos in special fields – production, scientific research, culture, cuisine, travel, history, information technology…
  • Review videos about food, cosmetics, skin care instructions, recipes …
  • Communication publications such as Infographic, email marketing, flyer, banner, GDN banner, poster, brochure, profile, catalog…


Why should you choose multilingual translation service at Tomato?

Not only providing multilingual translation services, Tomato is also chosen by more than 2,500 customers for the reasons and strengths below.

Tomato is honored to receive the “2021 Excellent Product – Service” award

Tomato Media is in the Top 150 of The Slator 2022 LSPI

Experienced staff

  • 100% of our translators hold a bachelor’s degree or higher with at least 4 years of professional experience. 
  • Our translators have extensive knowledge of specialized fields and general cultural and political knowledge of each region and country.
  • Our team of interpreters is well-trained in communication skills, improvisation, and flexibility in all unexpected situations.
  • Experienced media translation team, capable of shooting, editing, post-editing a wide range of audio and video files
  • Most of the staff who perform the recording, dubbing, and narration are editors, MCs, voice actors, and narrators from reputable TV stations such as VTV, HTV, VOT, VTC…

Optimal quotation, consultation and benefits for customers

  • Answer questions and provide consultancy 24/7
  • Receive request and provide quotation quickly after only 15-20 minutes, support bilingual quotation according to customer’s request.
  • Commit to on time hand-over of the multilingual translation and free edition of translation within 3 days after hand-over.
  • Deliver translations to specific places and issue invoices upon customer’s request
  • Conduct tests to check the interpreter’s qualifications so that the customer can select suitable candidates for the project.

100% confidentiality for of all project information

If the customer wants all project information to be completely confidential, Tomato shall make a commitment to maintain confidentiality and ensures to take full responsibility for the agreements in the NDA contract.

Cost optimization with reasonable and transparent quotes

Based on project requirements and specific quotation, clearly declared for each item, we shall calculate the correct cost according to the needs of the partner. The cost will be optimized in the most reasonable way, not too much different from the price of corresponding services on the market, ensuring effective budget savings for customers.

Multi-language translation services in a wide range of locations

Tomato now has more than 100 professionals and 3,000 collaborators who are professional translators living and working in many parts of the world. This enables us to provide many forms of multilingual translation to all provinces in the country as well as many different countries around the world. 

Trusted partner of many big brands

After more than 5 years of operation, Tomato has achieved the following impressive achievements:

  • 65,000 projects completed
  • More than 2,431 hours of recording and dubbing
  • Over 4,722 hours of interpretation done
  • Over 1 billion documents translated

Among the customers we have cooperated with, many names are world-class companies and corporations such as Yamaha, Samsung, LG, Toyota, Ford, Panasonic, CocaCola, Pepsi, Michelin…

Khách hàng, đối tác của Tomato Media

Multilingual translation service in Tomato – High quality – Good price


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