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Trends and requirements for English interpretation


The demand for English interpretation services is very high because English is the most popular language in the world. Almost all conferences, negotiations, contract signing sessions, seminars and forums use English as the target language.

English interpretation requires brevity and conciseness while ensuring accuracy according to the original content. The job of interpretation requires interpreters with a sharp mind, good communication ability, flexibility in many situations and assurance of interpretation speed and timely delivery.

Tomato Media is a leading quality English interpretation agency in Asia today. With 5 years of experience in the field of interpretation in general, Tomato is ready to assist you in completing your interpretation session quickly and accurately at the most reasonable price.

English interpretation

High quality English interpretation service at Tomato Media

At Tomato, we English – Vietnamese interpretation as well as interpretation between English and many other popular languages. Contact us now for the timeliest registration and support.

1.  Types of English interpretation provided by Tomato Media

The type of English interpretation will depend on the needs of each customer. At Tomato, we offer 5 main types of interpretation, including:

  • Simultaneous interpretation
    This is the most difficult type of interpretation among all. Tomato interpreter will translate in parallel with the speaker so that the listener can receive information simultaneously. In order to interpret simultaneously, our staff have not only good knowledge of English but also acumen and flexible improvisation.

  • Consecutive interpretation
    Consecutive interpretation means that when the customer finishes a sentence/reading a piece of text, Tomato interpreter will begin to interpret that conversation into the target language. This type of interpretation is suitable for discussions with few participants such as interviews, press conferences to announce events, negotiations and signing of contracts…

  • Relay interpretation
    Relay interpretation is a rather complex type of interpretation and is a superior version of simultaneous interpreting. After the client or delegate presents contents in their original language, an interpreter will interpret the contents into English. And Tomato interpreter will interpret again into our language. This type of interpretation is suitable for large conferences with delegates from many countries attending.

  • Whispered interpretation
    In this form of English interpretation, interpreter shall whisper into the listener’s ear in a gentle way. Then the sound of the original language will still be louder and clearer. This type of interpretation is another form of simultaneous interpretation for small-scale exchanges such as contract signing, internal meetings, etc.

  • Remote interpretation on the phone
    In addition to face-to-face interpretation, Tomato Media also provides on-the-phone interpretation services for customers who are hindered by geographical distance. Interpretation activities will take place through supporting tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Zalo, Skype, etc.

TOMATO MEDIA is ISO 9001:2015 certified English interpretation with a team of 5+ years of experience


English interpretation services of various types:

  • On-site Interpretation
  • Interpretation by project, bidding
  • Interpreting at factories and workshops
  • Interpreting for Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Interpreting for Conferences and Seminars
  • Interpretation for Negotiations
  • Court Interpretation

2. English interpretation for all specialties – fields

Tomato is a unit providing multi-specialty English interpretation services to meet the needs of all domestic and foreign clients.

  • Technology and Information.
  • Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals.
  • Petroleum, Energy.
  • Electronics and Telecommunications.
  • Banking and Finance.
  • Business Administration.

With each of the abovementioned specialties, a certain in-depth understanding of the field is required to produce the most accurate interpretations.

  • Politics.
  • Economics.
  • Military.
  • Culture – society.
  • Foreign Affairs.
  • Natural sciences


3. Tomato provides English interpretation services nationwide

With more than 100 official employees and nearly 3000 collaborators all over the country, we provide English interpretation services worldwide. Tomato meets all English interpretation needs in all areas of the country from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh,… to locations in a wide range of countries.

We can accommodate large numbers of interpreters for large-scale programs. Tomato’s interpreters are also ready to go on business trips to localities and abroad with customers. 


How much does it cost to hire an English interpreter?

How much should you pay for your English interpretation project? And what if your content is more complex than basic level? Here’s a framework for determining what level of interpreter you’ll need and how you can estimate your budget.

Price quotation for reference of optimized English interpretation costs with the best interpretation quality:

This price quotation is for reference only ***

Optimized quotation with excellent service quality

Form Quote
Consecutive interpretation of English seminars (2 working hours – 1 interpreter) 2,915,000 VND
Consecutive interpretation of English seminars (4 working hours – 1 interpreter) 3,685,000 VND
Consecutive interpretation of English seminars (8 working hours – 2 interpreters) 5,555,000 VND
Cabin interpretation for English conference (4 working hours – 1 interpreter) 10,945,000 VND
Cabin interpretation for English conference (8 working hours – 2 interpreters) 21,725,000 VND

To get an accurate quotation for your English interpretation services, contact us now or click below to get a price quotation:


Why should you choose English interpretation service at Tomato?

English interpretation service at Tomato is the choice of 500++ customers and has received a lot of positive reviews. This is also the motivation for us to constantly improve the quality of services for our customers.

Tomato received “Excellent Product – Service 2021” award

Tomato Media entered the top 150 LSPI – the world’s largest interpretation company rankings

Team of highly qualified English interpreters

Tomato’s staff ensures the standards of professional interpreters. 100% of our interpreters have interpretation certificates and at least 3 years of experience in English interpretation. After going through the rigorous testing and training process of Tomato, they all meet the needs of multi-disciplinary and multi-specialty interpretation. In addition to mastering professional knowledge, interpreters need to understand local culture and possess various soft skills, with serious work attitude, punctuality, refraining from arbitrarily change the content of the customer’s statement.

Commitment to perfect quality

Interpretation quality at Tomato has reached perfect accuracy. As our interpreters have professional knowledge and are fluent in the local language, they can convey the full meaning and semantics of the original content. During on-the-spot interpretation with no chance of proofreading or editing, Tomato interpreters are always highly focused to fully take in information from customers, then convey it in the target language in an accurate and easy-to-understand way. For slang phrases and dialects, the interpreters can also interpret the meaning smoothly without being rigid and word-to-word.

In addition, the quality management system at Tomato is honored to receive the international ISO 9001: 2015 certification, affirming the best quality services for customers:

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The most competitive interpretation prices

At Tomato, we are committed to bringing the best quality interpretation at the most competitive cost in the market. We always prepare quotations with full service information for customers to choose in accordance with their needs. In addition, we also apply many preferential gifts for loyal customers during the holidays and promotions. Customers can save English interpretation costs compared to normal prices when choosing services at Tomato Media.

A partner of many individuals and businesses

English interpretation online and offline nationwide

We are always ready to provide a large number of offline interpreters for customers. Our team of interpreters is ready to accompany your short-term and long-term projects, even your business trips abroad. Besides, for online conferences, signing sessions, exchanges and negotiations, Tomato also provides online English interpretation services to help customers save maximum costs and increase interpretation efficiency. 

Prestigious service, trusted by 1000+ customers

Up to now, after more than 5 years of operation, Tomato has completed more than 65,000 successful interpretation projects. We have cooperated with more than 2,500 domestic and foreign partners. In which, there are leading enterprises such as: Sony, Samsung, Yamaha, VNPT, BIDV, LG, Cocacola, FPT, Panasonic… Customers who use Tomato’s interpretation services all gave positive feedback and choose us in next interpretation projects.


Professional English interpretation process in Tomato

The following is the professional English interpretation process at Tomato, meeting international ISO 9001:2015 standards:

Frequently asked questions about English interpretation

English interpretation is an activity that facilitates oral communication between two or more speakers who do not speak (or do not communicate) the same English language. In English interpretation, it is necessary to have an English interpreter to make communication easy and flexible.

An English interpreter is a translator whose job is to translate orally the content from the original language into English and vice versa. The interpreter acts as a language interpreter that helps to communicate smoothly in two languages. As a language converter between two languages, there are several things that an interpreter must be proficient in: understanding and fluency in the source and target languages, knowing the culture of the source language and target language, mastering the topic or issue being delivered.

When we take on the task of English interpretation for you, we would like to agree on a time and details in advance: this allows us enough time to do our research and deliver an excellent service. If you need an interpreter, please note that you should contact us at least one day before a large event or 4 hours before a small to medium event.

We are usually willing to go on business, especially for English interpretation abroad. So, if you need an interpreter for an event abroad, Tomato will be happy to help you. Please talk to us about the date of the event and related details. We will work with you to agree on a schedule with a professional interpreter and ensure the event goes smoothly.


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