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Translation and voice-over servicesHigh-Quality & Prestige Translation & Voice-Over Services at Tomato

Tomato commits to:

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What are the requirements for quality translation and voice-over products?

Translation & voice-over services are the trends in the current era of videos and films. Translation from one language to another is being considered as a global connection method. The translation and voice-over of films and videos must meet basic standards such as:

  • The stage of film and video translation must provide accuracy and completeness while retaining the film circuit, story structure, character personality, and emotions. Slang, regional languages, and regional cultures must all be treated with flexibility. Because this is a sensitive matter, information about politics, culture, and society must be completely correct.

  • The voice-over stage must ensure that emotions are conveyed through dialogue. The speed of the voice-over must match the character’s lines so that the film can retain the same attractiveness as the original version. The editor’s voice must be inspirational, easy to listen to, and sympathetic to the audience.

  • Video translation and voice-over, particularly for promotional videos for businesses, must be appealing and ubiquitous. The video’s goal is to grab people’s attention, encourage them to buy something, and use the service.

Only professional and reputable companies, such as Tomato Media, can meet these stringent requirements in translation and voice-over.

Translation and voice-over

High-quality & professional translation and voice-over services at Tomato

Currently, Tomato Media is a place that provides high-quality translation & voice-over services. The voice-over services we provide include:

Film translation and voice-over

We offer services for translation and voice-over for all genres of films, including:

  • Film classification based on context: Translation and voice-over of crime movies, historical films, war movies, sci-fi movies, sports movies, westerns, swordplay movies, historical films
  • Film classification based on film type: Translation and voice-over of action films, adventure films, mystery films, comedy films, horror films with supernatural elements, thriller, fantasy films, dramas, romantic films, etc.
  • Film classification based on performance: Translation and voice-over of animated films, documentaries, science films, musical films
  • Film classification based on audience: Translation and voice-over of children’s movies, family movies, adult movies, cult movies

Translation and voice-over of reality shows and gameshows

With a team of experienced translators, Tomato Media is a reputable address providing interpretation services for:

  • Scripted entertainment programs. For example, awards ceremonies, talk shows, etc.
  • Entertainment programs without scripts: Reality shows, talent contests, game shows, etc.
  • News programs

Translation and voice-over of TV commercials and radio advertising

Businesses can employ Tomato’s TVC voiceover, TV advertising, radio advertising, product PR, and other services to bring their image closer to customers. We guarantee that we will deliver appealing videos that will help businesses spread their brand.

Translation and voice-over of other types of videos

We provide services for translation and voice-over of teaching videos, training, user manuals, etc. As long as businesses have a need, Tomato can provide translation and voice-over of any type of video.

Translation & voice-over service in 45++ languages ​​at Tomato

Tomato provide services for translation & voice-over services with a wide variety of languages, you can choose the desired language in the option of 50 popular languages:

  • English translation & voice-over
  • French translation & voice-over
  • German translation & voice-over
  • Italian translation & voice-over
  • Spanish translation & voice-over
  • Chinese translation & voice-over
  • Korean translation & voice-over
  • Thai translation & voice-over
  • Japanese translation & voice-over


Why should you choose translation and voice-over services at Tomato?

Tomato Media is a reliable address for businesses when they need to use the services for translation and voice-over of films and videos. We possess many outstanding advantages:

Accurate translation ability and flexible language use

Tomato Media’s film editors are capable of precisely translating the original with correct language and style. The film’s storyline, story structure, personality, and emotional reactions of the characters are all guaranteed.

Regional culture, slang, and local language are all employed flexibly to avoid offending anyone while maintaining a near resemblance to the original. Characters in American films, for example, frequently swear, which is inappropriate in Asian society. We’ll adapt the language in a flexible way so that the lines’ meaning remains unchanged while also avoiding viewers’ objections.

We will employ the word system, style, and expression flexibly depending on the genre of film: history, comedy, war, and so on, so as not to disrupt the nature of the picture. Politics, culture, and society-related factors are always accurately translated.

The ability to convey emotion and match the characters’ lines

Tomato Media’s editors are able to narrate fluently, motivate, and alter the speaking speed to meet the character’s phrases. The voice-over is easy to follow and elicits sympathy from the viewers.

It is possible to select a voice actor based on the voice of the North, the Central region, the South, or the local language, depending on the needs of the customer.

Quality studio system

Tomato Media has a high-quality studio system with the most advanced modern technology in the world. As a result, the voice-over file is free of distracting sounds, and the voice preserves the appearance of a real voice.

In addition, the movie’s voice-over and character sounds are flawlessly interwoven. The voice-over is just additional and explanatory, not fully overpowering the character’s natural voice. Every second, the voice-over and character dialogue are processed to sync, preserving the original attraction.

24/7 consulting support

Customers can call Tomato whenever they require translation or voice-over services. Customers will receive free advice and quotes from us. Customers can contact us at any time during the implementation process to check on our progress. Customers can help choose voice actors and approve drafts before obtaining the finished result.

Clear quotation

Tomato Media will charge varied prices depending on the duration of the film, video, and language of adaptation. The price is indicated in the contract and is disclosed explicitly and in depth right from the start. As a result, customers do not need to be concerned about the ambiguous surcharge.

5 years of experience in the profession, service quality is increasingly improving

Tomato has been working in the voice-over industry for the past 5 years. We are confident in both the quality of our staff and the quality of our services. Tomato is constantly working to develop its outstanding media translation service in order to provide the best products to domestic and international consumers.

Translation & voice-over process at Tomato

The following is the professional process of translation & voice-over of ISO 9001:2015 certified at Tomato Media:

Process of translation & voice-over


  • Getting & checking the source file (Original video/script file)

  • Analyzing & clarifying the customer’s requirements

  • Translating the dialogue (script) into the language for voice-over

  • QC checks the translation & adjusts the content accordingly for the voice-over

  • Sending the customer to review the translated script

  • Casting and recording a demo for the customer to choose the voice actor

  • Conducting the voice-over

  • QC recording and correcting possible errors

  • Mixing & exporting files according to customer requirements and specifications

  • Sending the product to the customer for review

  • Handling customer feedback (if any)

Tomato Media – Prestige Translation & Voice-Over Services


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