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Script Translation ServicesPrestige & High-Quality Script Translation Services at Tomato

Tomato commits to:

📗 Absolute script security

📗 Handing over on time

📗 Clear and optimal costs

📗 Translation of many types of scripts

📗 Translation conveys the full message

Script translation requires a real understanding

Script translation service needs high accuracy to convey the message of the adapted script. Script translation is not as simple as some people think. It is divided into many types: drama scripts, documentary scripts, interview scripts, entertainment show scripts, etc. This requires the translator to have extensive knowledge in many areas of life.

For example, if you need to translate a Korean drama script, you must understand how Koreans speak and behave daily in order to translate it as closely as possible. If you translate TV shows, you must understand the habits and personalities of each artist.

Therefore, companies that are implementing game show and drama projects from abroad often have to hire professional translation companies. With a team of experienced staff, knowledgeable in script translation, Tomato is the most prestigious choice at this time.

Professional script translation services at Tomato

Currently, Tomato provides a lot of script translation services, closely meeting the needs of businesses. Coming to the company, you can choose one of the following services:

Film script translation at Tomato

Tomato specializes in translating TV series screenplays from well-known countries like the United States, China, and Korea. Our best Media translation service has always garnered positive feedback from customers.

Tomato translations are always flexible and accurate, taking into account the culture and speaking manner of each location and country. For example, the phrases we use for characters from Seoul will differ from those from Busan or other locations in Korean dramas.

TV show script translation at Tomato

Tomato also provides political and entertaining program script translation. The translator in charge of interpreting political programs is someone who is well-versed in a wide range of political, cultural, and personal topics. A distinct crew of translators will be appointed to the game show, who will be witty and upbeat so that they can easily express the program’s spirit through language.

Tomato has been in charge of translating TV show screenplays from a variety of countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, and others. Tomato’s scripts are always fit for viewers’ tastes while maintaining its indigenous distinctiveness.

Script Translation Services

Documentary script translation at Tomato

Tomato is one of the few translation companies that dare to boldly undertake the field of documentary script translation. This type of script will exploit a historical period or a legendary character, so the difficulty is relatively high.

We have a team of historians on staff who have spent years researching ancient documents so that we may use the exact terminology, history, culture, and customs in the script.

Animation script translation at Tomato

Cartoons are one of Tomato’s strengths because the company’s employees are experienced and knowledgeable about children’s psychology. Children’s awareness is still limited, so we always use simple, understandable and funny words to stimulate children’s creativity.

Instead of using a standard translation for each word, we aim to make it as understandable as possible. Simultaneously, the plot and personalities of the characters remain faithful to the original and clearly demonstrate the author’s vision.

Translation of corporate video scripts at Tomato

Tomato has traditionally served as a link between Vietnamese enterprises and their international partners and clients. We can translate company video scripts into a variety of languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.

These videos are frequently the result of employees’ and business owners’ passion. We meet on a regular basis to better grasp the company’s direction, vision, mission, and core values. As a result, Tomato’s video script translations always convey exactly what the brand intends to convey.

Translation of interview script at Tomato Media

Tomato is now receiving a variety of interview scripts, including those from musicians, entrepreneurs, doctors, celebrities, artists, and others. The translated text is literally translated, ensuring content accuracy and complete implication.

We have signed NDAs with customers in particular, therefore we always ensure that all information obtained during the interview is kept strictly confidential and not released.


Script translation services at Tomato with 50++ languages

Script translation services at Tomato with many popular languages ​:

  • English script translation
  • Chinese script translation
  • Japanese script translation
  • Korean script translation
  • French script translation
  • German script translation
  • Spanish script translation
  • Italian script translation

The reasons you should choose Tomato’s script translation services

Tomato has long been the leading choice for script translation services, offering exceptional benefits such as:

Standard style, true to the intention of the original

Every script writer has an own writing style. Tomato makes every effort to translate as closely as possible to the author’s objective, ensuring that the final output keeps the author’s personal style while maintaining a fluid and adaptable translation.

Experienced staff with good communication skills

Tomato employees have several years of expertise in the field, excellent professional knowledge, and the ability to use words precisely and creatively. Each form of writing, such as dramas, documentaries, and others, is overseen by a separate crew.

Absolutely confidential information

Tomato Company has signed NDAs with customers with clear terms. We are committed to absolute information security and are ready to take responsibility before the law if a script leak occurs.

Clear and transparent costs

Depending on the complexity of the script and the language of adaptation, Tomato will offer different prices. This price is clearly stated from the beginning, ensuring no additional fees during the translation process.

Over 1,000+ individual and business customers use the service

So far, Tomato has welcomed over 1,000+ individual and corporate customers using script translation services. Customers always feel absolutely satisfied with the final product received and continue to come back to use the service for the 2nd and 3rd time.

Professional script translation process at Tomato

The following is the professional script translation process at Tomato that has been certified in accordance with the international ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management systems:

Process of film/video translation services

Tomato Media – Prestige Film/Video Translation Services


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