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Tomato commits:

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Overview of game localization

Game localization services feature the process of converting content and translating in-game information into a second language according to the target audience’s culture. Its aim is to help players in other countries accurately understand the entire plot and gameplay of the game in the original language.

As a result, the game’s fame has grown, assisting in the expansion of the game industry in a number of nations. The possibility of increasing the number of players makes it easier for game publishers and spin-off services to make more money.

However, the process of game localization is not simple, it requires the translators to meet the following criteria:

  • Highlighting the unique features of the game’s plot while being true to the spirit of the game’s content.
  • Easy-to-understand translation information helps consumers quickly grasp how to play the game.
  • The style is suitable for the local culture.

Tomato Media’s localization services for various game genres

There are a variety of top game genres to be localized for target users in various languages at Tomato, and we can make it a reality for you. Our game localization experts are capable of thoroughly researching your game dynamics, including market segments and scenarios. Furthermore, we connect your game with top experts to ensure that it has the same appeal in every language you choose and prioritize. You can localize your game by asking for a quote today.

  • RPG
  • etc.



We also offer game translation to give you more options in addition to localizing the various game genres mentioned above.

High quality game localization services at Tomato Media

Tomato provides prestigious and high-quality game localization services. Among the game translation services at Tomato, the localization service is the most interested by customers.

Game localization content at Tomato Media

Tomato is one of the companies that provide high-quality localization and translation services for a wide range of online and offline games across multiple platforms. We have the confidence and capability to accept translation packages for a wide range of in-game content, including:

  • Game user interfaces on operating systems or devices used to play games, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, consoles, etc.
  • Game introduction websites and publisher websites
  • Instructions on how to play and how to install the game
  • Promotional and communication materials to reach target players
  • Intro and opening scenario in the game
  • Artistic graphics for games
  • Voiceover, narration and subtitles for game dialogues
  • Content printed on game box packaging and design
  • Information about the text and description of the game’s items, skills, weapons, etc.
  • UX design for international and domestic versions.

After the localization process, the company also conducts more product quality control tests on many devices such as:

  • Desktop computers and laptops using operating systems, such as Windows XP/Windows Vista, MacOS, Linux, etc.
  • Game consoles of the Wii U, PS3, Xbox one, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii or Nintendo, etc.
  • PSP handheld game console or DS/DSI tablets
  • Smart TVs using Android TV, Web OS, Tizen operating systems, etc.
  • Smartphones with operating systems such as Windows CE, iOS, Symbian, Android, etc.

The test will be completed when there are no errors on the test devices. If there is an error, Tomato will make corrections until there are no more errors and a consensus from the partner is obtained. This is for the purpose of committing to bring customers standard quality translations:

  • Localizing the game exactly with the original plot, while keeping the genuine of the original version
  • Ensuring consistency in the way you address and name your characters in the game
  • Convenience to use on many interfaces of different electronic devices.

Game localization services

 Tomato’s game localization services in 50 languages

Game localization in multi-language at Tomato Media:

English Japanese
Chinese Korean
French German
Taiwanese Thai


Cost of game localization services at Tomato Media

Localization of a video game involving linguistic and non-linguistic elements. Each project has its own costs to take into account.

  • The first element is the language.

To ensure the quality of game localization, you at least need to perform localization, editing, proofreading, and quality assurance. Different linguists carry out each step, which results in higher costs but better quality.

  • The second is multimedia elements

It means the video and audio elements of a game. This is considered the main element of the game and may have related cultural aspects. You may need to work with video editors and audio studios to create high-quality multimedia elements. And the cost depends on the project’s characteristics.

  • The third is graphic elements

These are images used in the game, such as character images. You probably need to change them to give them a more user-friendly look after the launch of the localized version.

If you work with a professional game localization company, all of these elements will be guaranteed. Usually, Tomato has internal teams that handle such elements daily.

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What are the advantages of using Tomato Media’s game localization services?

Customers that use Tomato’s game localization services benefit not only from the high quality of the translation but also from the following benefits.

Tomato received the “2021 Excellent Product & Service” award


Tomato Media entered the top 150 of LSPI – A ranking and an index of the world’s largest translation, localization, interpreting, and language technology companies


Highly professional and experienced translation team

A team of over 100 professionally trained professionals, more than 3,000 collaborators who are top translators and fluent in more than 50 languages and more than 100 specialties, as well as a standard product service quality management system ISO 9001:2015.

All of the translators chosen to translate and localize games have a thorough understanding of the field. These are persons who have a good understanding of the game’s common building pieces, as well as elements, such as terminology, vocabulary, jokes or satirical material, hilarious episodes, and so on.

Advanced translation technology

The translation progress and accuracy check of the game localization process are all applied by Tomato with modern testing software, such as memoQ, WordFast, Trados, Google API, etc. to check the accuracy of the translation, helping to prevent minimizing spelling and semantic errors.

Commitment to confidentiality under the NDA

The NDA will keep the game information completely confidential, and the signature and notarization will all be done in accordance with Vietnamese law. If the translation company violates the contract principle, it will be required to pay the agreed-upon compensation and accept full responsibility in front of the law.

The most competitive game translation price on the market

Game translation and localization costs will be applied flexibly, with the best pricing for game publishers. We offer appealing preferential services, lifetime guarantees, and professional consulting support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in addition to extremely competitive pricing.

Professional game localization process at Tomato Media

Here is Tomato’s game localization process:

Game localization

Challenges of game localization

Localization also means that you have to deal with content that may not be culturally acceptable to the target market. Often, we refer to adjustments and changes with censored terms.

For years, the use of symbols by outlaw organizations has been penalized in video games in Germany. Only in 2018, the German moderation agency USK gave the green light for the use of these references in video games.

When translating a product, it is important to respect the selected language register; in fact, in many languages, there is a difference between the official and unofficial registers. Even the use of slang, as well as regional accents and dialects, helps to bring out the depth of the character’s cultural backgrounds and create recognizable protagonists.

Points that need to be noted during game localization that professional service providers will solve for you

Game localization involves adjustments to meet the language, culture, and other specific requirements of a particular market or region. When localizing a game, the following points should be considered:

  • Language: translate the game into the target language, ensuring that the translation is correct, culturally relevant, and consistent.
  • Cultural references: review and modify any references to culture, humor, or images that may be inappropriate or relevant to the target market.
  • Local regulations: ensure that the game complies with local laws, regulations, and censorship policies.
  • Currency: provides local currency options for in-game purchases, if any.
  • Date and time format: ensure that the in-game date and time format conforms to local standards.
  • User interface: adjust the user interface to match the target language, including text, buttons, and other elements.
  • Check: thoroughly check the localized version of the game to make sure that everything works as intended as well as to identify and fix any problems.

By taking these factors into account, thanks to the prestigious game localization unit, you can increase your chances of success in the target market and improve the overall experience of the player.

Frequently asked questions about game localization services

The following are the frequently asked questions that we have compiled regarding game localization services:

How does the Tomato translator understand the game?

As part of our game localization service, a process called acquaintance will take place. Translators experience the game to immerse themselves in the storyline, characters, tone, and terminology. If the game is still in the planning stage, we can work with drafts and other available references.

Are Tomato’s game localization translators themselves gamers?

Our translators are all passionate gamers with extensive experience providing game localization services for all game genres. All game translators have been tested and evaluated.

Where is Tomato’s game localization service provided?

Our game localization translators are nationwide and in Tomato’s overseas representative offices. All game localization services are managed online through a secure cloud system.

How does Tomato ensure the excellent quality of its localization services?

  • Acquaintance: the acquaintance phase is where localization translators have the opportunity to play games and understand the plot, characters, and terminology. This is also a good opportunity to identify any cultural issues or conflicts that can lead to confusion when translating.
  • Develop a translation glossary: we create glossaries before translation, including terminology bases and style guides, to ensure accurate terminology and style.
  • Test: Once the game has been translated, it will continue to be tested in terms of language. After completing the localization process, the tester will play the game and take screenshots of issues (including untranslated text, too long lines, encryption issues, incorrect text orientation, and context errors).
  • Technology: As a company specializing in game localization, we use many high-end tools and technologies in our workflow. These include a leading translation management system with available tools including terminology bases, translation tools with computer support, translation memory, an AI translation machine, and automatic QA.
  • Multidimensional quality measurement framework: customizable LQA configurations (language Quality Assurance) allow us to adjust the severity of errors depending on the type of content (game conversations, site content, FAQs, legal, user guides, software, etc.) and the ability to implement thresholds that reach or fail to meet defined quality standards. These features also allow users to set rules and error severity by content type, client type guidelines, or other requirements by specific category..

How much does it cost to localize my game?

To estimate the price, we need to receive the source files (in any format:.script,.xml,.doc,.txt,.csv, etc.). Then we will perform an analysis using specialized tools for counting words (excluding markup) while giving rules for repeating text. Finally, we will evaluate the number of hours required to fully implement the LQA (language quality assurance) of the game. Other costs may apply if there are other special requirements.

How long does it take to localize my game?

The amount of time it takes to localize a game depends on its size and complexity. Typically, translators localize 2,000–2,500 words per day. For games with large volumes, there may be more translators if the client urgently needs them.


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