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Why is Health-Pharmaceutical-Medical translation important?

Medical-Pharmaceutical translation is one of the fields with high complexity, many in-depth words, confusing scientific terms… The wrong translation of a sentence or document can lead to serious deviations for medical research, drug use, treatment or diagnosis… lead to dangerous consequences for the health and life of the patient.

Therefore, choosing a translation service specialized in Medical – Pharmaceutical with quality and prestige is a factor that everyone must consider first. In particular, the mandatory requirement is that interpreters must have high professional knowledge or have worked in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. This is to help customers understand the most accurately the information conveyed from the original language.

Prestigious Health – Pharmaceutical – Medical translation service in Tomato

Tomato Media is one of Asia’s leading units in multilingual medical translation. We provide many forms of translation, interpretation and localization of quality Medical – Pharmaceutical specialties for thousands of partners around the globe. Some of the following services are typical.

Tomato translates documents specialized in Health- Pharmaceutical – Medical reliably

Document translation services specialized in Medical – Pharmaceutical in Tomato have asymptotic accuracy of 100%, including many forms such as:

  • Translation of documents related to books, newspapers, medical journals on reproduction, parasitology, hematology, dermatology, cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological…
  • Documents on theses, pathological, pharmaceutical, biochemical or clinical trial reports of pharmaceuticals, analysis of medical experiments…
  • Translating all kinds of documents, books, publications on instructions for using medical devices, how to use drugs in the treatment of diseases, translating ingredients, describing information on packaging of medical devices, pharmaceuticals…
  • Translating documents about software, websites related to pharmaceuticals and drugs
  • Translation of documents related to medical records, test sheets, endoscopy, ultrasound…
  • Translation of documents announcing statistical results of medical data…


Tomato notarized translation specialized in Health – Pharmaceutical – Medical

Tomato’s notarized translation service specialized in Medical – Pharmaceutical is mainly popular with types of documents and records such as:

  • Notarized dossiers of information disclosure papers for pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Dossiers and papers for importing drugs, instruments, machinery and medical equipment
  • Notarized translation of documents announcing the results of testing of pharmaceutical ingredients…
  • Notarized translation of medical records
  • Notarized translation of doctor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees
  • Notarized translation of contracts for the sale of drugs and medical equipment
  • Notarized translation of bidding documents for medical equipment…

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Tomato is a translator specialized in Health – Pharmaceutical – Medical speaking native language

The interpreters at Tomato are capable of responding to many different types of interpretation related to the Medical – Pharmaceutical field:

  • Cabin, simultaneous interpreting for seminars, conferences, bilateral and multilateral workshops related to health, medical research, disease treatment, publication of reports, experiments…
  • Consecutive, following interpreting at events announcing medical research awards, seminars, conferences, negotiations related to medical training, pharmaceuticals…
  • Escort interpretation at exhibitions, fairs about medical equipment or pharmaceuticals…
  • Multilingual field interpretation at meetings, consultations, medical examination and treatment or direct training in hospitals, medical universities.
  • Remote/ video calls interpretation for online medical conferences or surgeries, medical consultations with the participation of foreign experts…


Tomato localizes the specialty of Health – Pharmaceutical – Medicine

Today, the localization process doesn’t just stop at translating dictionaries or paper publications. At Tomato, localization services for Medical – Pharmaceutical majors are diverse, typically including:

  • Localization of medical examination and treatment service software, providing information on pharmaceutical ingredients…
  • Localization of applications used on medical devices, machines or health monitoring apps…
  • Localization of websites introducing hospitals, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment…
  • Localize videos about reports, documentaries, movies… related to the field of Health – Pharmaceutical…
  • Localization of games with medical-related content…


Tomato translates media specialized in Health – Pharmaceutical – Medical

Medical media translation for Medical – Pharmaceutical specialties of Tomato also has the following forms:

  • Translation and explanation
  • Translation and dubbing
  • Translate subtitles
  • Copy and translate videos or audios
  • Translating and recording
  • Script compilation
  • Film/video translation


TOMATO MEDIA has a globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system Team with 5+ years of experience, expertise, and dedication


Health – Pharmaceutical – Medical translation service in 50 languages

The following languages ​​are specialized in medical translation at Tomato:







Korean language





Myanmar language


Cambodian/ Khmer




See more of the full field of Tomato Media translation right here with many popular specialties.


Translation costs for Health- pharmaceutical – medical specialties

The cost of your Health- pharmaceutical – medical translation depends on the following factors:

  • The volume of the original text required to be translated (if it is a document translation).
  • The complexity of language pairs (source and target language).
  • Content complexity: i.e. more complex projects involving desktop publishing or other requirements involving software, documents with technical content levels and industry jargon will have a higher price.
  • Specified time period for project turnaround (e.g. 24 hours vs. 5 days).


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Why should you specialize in Health – Pharmaceutical – Medical translation at Tomato?

In addition to a variety of specialized pharmaceutical translation services, Tomato also has a “profile” with many strengths that create trust for many customers. Here are some of our highlights.

Tomato Media received the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”

Providing services everywhere

Currently, Tomato Media has successfully built a large team of translators and interpreters in more than 100 specialties, capable of translating over 50 different languages. The number of employees includes 100+ specialists and 3,000+ collaborators around the world.

The company’s translators are capable of participating in all forms of translation and localization for most of customers in 63 provinces and many countries around the world. Up to now, we have done more than 4,722 hours of translation, + 2,431 hours of recording and over 1 billion documents…translated more than 65,000 different projects.

Translation quality meets international standards

The quality management system at Tomato has now been accredited to ISO 9001:2015. The reason for this achievement is because we always focus on rigorous testing, inspection and supervision of every stage in the translation process as well as the selection of staff.

NDA standard security commitment

Customers’ information will be completely confidential by Tomato according to NDA contract standards, legally protected by the Law of Vietnam.

24/7 consultation

Customer care service and support to answer questions at Tomato are always ready to serve all days of the week. Just contact us, we will help you get maximum satisfaction.

Competitive cost

The price list at Tomato always meets two criteria: the most competitive in the market and the translation needs of each individual and business object. Helping customers save optimal costs.


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