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What is a translation & recording service?

These days, recording translation services are getting a lot of attention. Translation and recording are two services that are used in tandem to create video and audio clips with translated material. This is normally done during the post-editing stage. The translator will first translate the discourse from the original language to the target language. The MCs or voice actors will then read this line, which will be recorded as sound in the video. The above two types of services are commonly used for the following cases:

  • Advertisements, newsletters, announcements at supermarkets, trade centers, showrooms, etc.;
  • Introduction, automatic reply information of switchboards;
  • Sound recording for promotional clips, movie videos or documentaries, etc.

The recordings must be accurately translated, with localization appropriate for the target language audience. Readers must have proper pronunciation, an inspiring voice, and be able to convey the dialogue’s mood. Previously, translation and recording were typically done in two locations: the translation company and the studio. However, most individuals nowadays prefer to hire a professional high-quality Media translation service because of the following benefits:

  • Modern studio and professional reader;

  • Saving budget, time and avoiding incurring costs due to hiring many companies

  • Good control of translation quality, support for quick and convenient editing if customers want to change the content of the dialogue.

Translation & recording

Professional recording & translation service at Tomato

Tomato is a leading recording translation company in Asia. Localization, interpretation, translation, media translation, and other professional translation services are among the services we offer. In this case, translation services paired with audio recording are regarded as one of the company’s greatest assets.

We have been providing recording services in more than 50 languages ​​in many different fields. Below are some typical translation and recording services at Tomato.

Advertising recording service

Voiceovers, dubbs for multilingual commentary for all TVCs, viral clips, videos, and other advertising products and services for businesses are received, translated, and recorded by the company. A team of MCs, TV station editors, and expert voice actors meticulously pick the voice quality. They have the capacity to provide motivational readings in a variety of languages, eliciting a sense of anticipation from the audience.

Call center recording service

Customers calling the firm will get a professional and warm experience from a greeting and clever automatic information response with a charming, inspirational voice.

Tomato achieves this by only using translators with extensive experience writing reviews, a style that reflects the client’s professional level, beautiful reading voices, and standard and clear pronunciation.

Services of recording audiobooks and documentaries

Literary works, novels, essays, scientific documents, history, and other works are always semantically accurate when translated and recorded at Tomato, representing the author’s style and message. Simultaneously, the recording’s motivating voice will aid listeners in visualizing the plot.

Radio recording services at supermarkets

At supermarkets, showrooms, and trade centers, we also receive multilingual recordings of announcements, newsletters, product debuts, and promotions, among other things. If the customer requests it, dialogue scripts will also be available for writing and translating the complete script.

Multilingual translation & recording services with 45++ popular languages

Translation and recording services at Tomato are professional, with a wide selection of popular languages, in particular:

  • English translation & recording
  • Chinese translation & recording
  • Japanese translation & recording
  • Korean translation & recording
  • French translation & recording
  • German translation & recording
  • Spanish translation & recording
  • Italian translation & recording


Why should you choose the translation & recording services at Tomato?

Tomato’s recording translation services have garnered a lot of positive feedback from clients. Tomato Media is currently a trusted partner with 1000+ customers, 2,500 partners, and 65,000 translation projects in Vietnam and throughout the world. At the same time, we belong to a number of international language organizations, including ATA, ELIA, NAATI, TIS, and others.

As a result, the organization is completely capable of translating and properly recording any project in accordance with the customer’s requirements. If you choose to record at Tomato, you will be completely satisfied because of the benefits listed below.

Modern studio system

Tomato uses the most up-to-date construction methods, soundproofing system layout, and studio equipment, all in accordance with American standards to create a professional recording environment and provide customers with high-quality recordings.

Experienced translation and recording staff

From the translator to the person reading the recorded dialogue, all candidates have many years of experience in the profession:

  • The team of translators is more than 3,000 people with the ability to speak more than 50 languages ​​in 100 different specialties. 100% of them have a bachelor’s degree or higher with at least 3-4 years of experience.
  • Readers include MCs from well-known stations such as VTV, VOV, and others, as well as professional voice actors and VJs with inspiring voices, standard pronunciation, fluency, and the capacity to record several voices in many languages formats.

Committed to ensuring product quality and keeping information absolutely confidential

Service quality at Tomato is managed and controlled according to ISO 9001:2015 standard, ensuring the most perfect results for customers.

In particular, the project’s information is 100% secure and safe through NDAs. Tomato will take full responsibility before the law if it violates any terms agreed in the contract with the customer.

Guaranteed professional support before and after recording

We will provide a free consultation, quote, and thoroughly examine the voices before recording before signing the deal. If there are any issues after recording, Tomato offers free correction according to the current translation guarantee policy.

Competitive price

Tomato’s translation and recording charges are always assessed fairly and transparently based on the market. Furthermore, appealing promotion and discount schemes allow customers save money while still getting the recording they want.

Professional translation & recording service process in Tomato

The following is the professional process of translation & recording services at Tomato achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification for the quality management system:

Translation & recording service


  • Getting & checking the source file (Original video/script file)

  • Analyzing & clarifying the customer’s requirements

  • Translating the dialogue (script) into the language to be recorded

  • QC checks the translation & adjusts the content accordingly for the recording

  • Sending the customer to review the translated script

  • Casting, recording demo for customers to choose voiceover

  • Recording

  • QC recording and correcting possible errors

  • Mixing & exporting files according to customer requirements and specifications

  • Sending products to customers for review

  • Handling customer feedback (if any)

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