Cabin/Simultaneous Interpreting Services

Cabin/Simultaneous Interpreting ServicesPrestige Cabin/Simultaneous Interpreting Services at Tomato

Tomato commits to:

📗 Providing global interpreting services

📗 100+ specialized cabin interpreters

📗 Cabin interpreting in 50 languages

📗 Quality assurance translation process

📗 Professional and dedicated interpreters

Understanding cabin interpreting (simultaneous interpreting)

What is simultaneous interpreting?
Cabin/simultaneous interpreting is a type of interpreting in which the interpreter sits in the cabins with the participants (absolutely soundproofed seats). The main issue here is that the interpreter will have to listen to and translate information from the speaker at the same time, as well as deliver speeches, announcements, and others into the target language.

►  Popular forms of  cabin/simultaneous interpreting services today:

  • Interpreting online and over the phone
  • Whisper interpreting
  • Sign language interpreting

►  In which cases should simultaneous interpreting be selected?

  • The seminar has the participation of 1 or more foreign partners.
  • Live broadcast on television or social networks.
  • The meeting is as important as a meeting of the board of directors or a meeting of shareholders.
  • The trial, etc. (There is a defendant or a plaintiff who is a foreigner…)

►  Difficulties in simultaneous interpreting

The most challenging type of interpreting is cabin/simultaneous interpreting, which has very rigorous standards. This type of interpreting necessitates the interpreter’s excellence in both the field of language and the ability to process information and data, as well as attractive communication skills, quick response, and so on; in particular, he or she must be able to focus intensely during the translation process.

Cabin/Simultaneous Interpreting Services

High-quality cabin/simultaneous interpreting services at Tomato Media

Simultaneous interpreting services at Tomato with the best quality and professional process according to international standards ISO 9001:2015.

Professional and prestige cabin/simultaneous interpreters

Tomato’s cabin interpreters have a high level of skill and the capacity to improvise; one of the minimal qualifications is rapid interpretation. Not only that, but Tomato’s interpreters have a number of benefits that help them complete a concurrent interpretation session successfully:

  • Being fluent in the target language, with a large vocabulary and a thorough understanding of the culture and way of life; being aware of word subtleties.
  • Excellent foreign language skills, outstanding listening comprehension, analysis, and synthesis abilities, notably the capacity to swiftly and accurately interpret and express information.
  • Quick reflexes, high work pressure.
  • Tomato’s interpreters have a sensitive, cautious, and professional working attitude, with a particular focus on information accuracy. As a result, they frequently study about the field, the glossary, and other reference materials prior to the event or seminar.
  • Being flexible and able to work on a regular basis. With the advancement of science and technology, as well as the current state of the globe, Tomato now offers a type of remote interpretation, allowing meetings, seminars, and conferences to take place even if there are no conditions for attending in person.
  • Good soft skills and team work to support members actively.

Cabin/simultaneous interpreting services at Tomato in 45++ popular languages

Simultaneous/Cabin interpreting services at Tomato with a variety of popular languages:

  • Cabin/simultaneous Interpreters in Chinese
  • Cabin/simultaneous interpreters in English
  • Cabin/simultaneous Interpreters in Japanese
  • Cabin/simultaneous Interpreters in Korean
  • Cabin/simultaneous Interpreters in Thai
  • Cabin/simultaneous Interpreters in French
  • Cabin/simultaneous Interpreters in German
  • Cabin/simultaneous Interpreters in Italian

Multidisciplinary cabin/simultaneous interpreting services at Tomato

Tomato provides multi-specialty simultaneous/cabin interpreting services, which are:

  • Ecommerce
  • Information technology
  • Legality
  • Environment
  • Power electronics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Economy
  • Car
  • Medical – pharmaceutical
  • etc.

Why should you choose the cabin/simultaneous interpreting services at Tomato Media?

Many clients rely on and choose Tomato’s simultaneous interpretating services. We have been pleased to work with large corporations such as Lotte, Toyota, Samsung, Nishimatsu, Electronics, Vietnam Airlines, and others over our five years of operation. Tomato Media is represented at all government summits, departmental meetings, and central government meetings.

Enthusiastic, dedicated and professional staff

Currently, we have a stronger and more qualified staff than ever before.

We currently employ 100 skilled interpreters with degrees and qualifications from around the world and over 3,000 good collaborators across the country. Interpreters are trained and skilled in parallel and cabin translating techniques here. They are the ones that can listen and understand fast, think on their feet, and respond correctly to unexpected events.

Commitment to confidentiality of customer information, projects, and documents

Tomato prioritizes information security in any collaboration agreement or interpretation session. From the beginning of our business until now, this has been one of our working principles. The NDA on secrecy ensures professionalism among interpreters and related departments. Tomato is happy to provide high-quality, professional cabin interpretation services to its customers.

Provision of simultaneous interpreting services across the country

In many emergency situations, Tomato’s cabin/simultaneous interpreting services allow customers more flexibility in coordinating interpretation staff. Instead of engaging a long-term interpreter, Tomato Media’s staff of interpreters can fulfill your demands at any moment. Not only that, but Tomato also offers simultaneous interpreting services remotely and online. Meeting the demands of interpreters all around the world in the face of the global pandemic and rapid advances in science and technology.

The quality of our cabin interpreting is getting better and better

Tomato actively increases the quality of cabin interpreting services as well as the credentials and skills of interpreters on a daily basis in order to satisfy the flexible requirements of each event, seminar. We are confident in our ability to provide high-quality interpreting services in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 international standards. Tomato Media is committed to providing consulting and solutions to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and actively monitors each project.

Flexible and reasonable interpreting costs

Tomato Media is a company that is well-known for its quick translation turnaround. Customers will be confident in our experience and working style, which we have gathered and trained through time. Tomato is also the most reliable, accurate, and cost-effective quotation company in the translation market. We are guaranteed to provide consumers with the best experience and happiness with the service we deliver.

Trusted by 1,000+ customers

It is from the prestige, dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism of the translation services that Tomato are trusted by many customers from individuals to organizations, large and small businesses. We believe that Tomato Media with its enthusiasm and continuously improved professional services will be your companion in the future.

Cabin/simultaneous interpreting process at Tomato Media

The following is the professional and reputable cabin/simultaneous interpreting process at Tomato Media:

Tomato Media – Prestigious Cabin/Simultaneous Interpreting Services


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