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Thesis & Academic Document Translation ServicesAccurate Thesis & Academic Document Translation Services at Tomato

Tomato commits to:

📗 100% on time

📗 ~100% accuracy, quality

📗 Optimal cost

📗 Team of at least 5 years of experience

📗 500++ satisfied customers

Overview of thesis and academic document translation

Academic documents and thesis translation services requires a lot of professional knowledge of the translator. This is not really a normal translation from the source language to the target language. Foreign language proficiency is only considered as a support tool for the translation process. It is mandatory that the translator must have studied in this field or have experience in doing theses in the same field, in order to translate with the correct academic style.

This plays a very important role for the success of theses, dissertations or graduation reports. For academic documents, accurately translated texts will contribute to increasing the accuracy of references in scientific research projects or teaching and training materials in educational, manufacturing or medical institutions, etc.

As a result, choosing quality translation businesses with prestigious practice certificates and a team of professionals with broad knowledge in various domains of high competence is the ideal method to accomplish good outcomes. 

The leading professional thesis translation services at Tomato

All of the above conditions will be met if you use Tomato Media’s thesis translation services. This is something we should be proud of. Because, after more than 5 years of operation, the company is now regarded as one of Asia’s leading language solution providers, with an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system.

Our facilities are currently operating in 3 countries, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, with a team of 100+ specialists and 4,900+ collaborators around the world. They are not only fluent in foreign languages, but also experts in many academic fields. 

Tomato translates theses with all topics

This has contributed to building an “academic ecosystem” at Tomato, creating favorable conditions for us to be able to receive a variety of translations of all kinds of theses and academic documents such as:

🔰Graduation essays
🔰Master theses
🔰Doctoral theses
🔰Final essays in subjects
🔰Essays on lab report
🔰Theses of experimental report
🔰Scientific research reports
🔰Research reviews
🔰Book reports or commentaries
🔰Materials for thesis research, theses, etc.

That’s not to mention the wide range of academic subjects covered by Tomato’s translation services; there are currently over 100 majors to choose from, including: 

🔰Economic fields include: Business administration, commerce, finance – banking, auditing, human resource management, business operation, etc.
🔰Education fields include: Human resource management, training at all levels from preschool to university and graduate, etc.
🔰Science fields include: Math, chemistry, physics, astronomy, linguistics, philosophy, biology, etc.
🔰Production – technology fields include: electronics – refrigeration, mechanical engineering, construction, information technology, etc.
🔰Jurisprudence and state management fields include: Thesis is for law majors such as Civil, Criminal, Commercial, Administrative, Public Management, etc. 

For customers who already have translated essays, we also offer proofreading, editing, and evaluating for grammatical and sentence mistakes. This job is completed by native professionals with experience translating into the speciality of the client writing the thesis.

Translation services of theses and academic documents

Tomato translates theses and academic documents in 50+ languages

Regarding thesis translation services at Tomato, we have a variety of language options for you with high quality translators for each language:



What can you expect from Tomato’s thesis and academic document translation services?

In terms of advantages, Tomato’s thesis and document translation services have some outstanding strengths as follows:

Standard translation of academic language

This is the most evident benefit that all consumers will receive when they choose Tomato’s services, as we own the following three points:

  • The team of translators has more than 10 years of experience in the profession, fluent in more than 50 languages ​​and 100+ specialties.
  • The quality of theses is guaranteed by 100% of experts with bachelor’s degrees or higher.
  • Translation products are committed to quality according to ISO 9001: 2015 standards

Moreover, the company is also an official member of many international translation organizations such as the American Translational Association (ATA), Association of Asian Translation Industry (AATI), European Language Industry Association (ELIA), etc.

Quick and on-time translation

The translation speed of Tomato’s experts can reach 20,000 words/day. Therefore, we are fully capable of meeting urgent projects, with translation requirements requiring high accuracy. 

Dedicated customer care with warranty policy

Before handing over the product, we will recheck it on modern translation software in combination with leading translators, in order to minimize errors. Customers also have the right to test and request correction until the desired level is achieved.

Commitment to absolute confidentiality

Academic documents and theses are documents that need high confidentiality. Therefore, we are absolutely committed not to disclose any customer information to third parties without permission.

Transparent costs, highly competitive prices

Currently, the fee for the translation services of theses and academic documents at Tomato is being evaluated as the best in the market, with transparent costs and clear contract commitments. After only 15-20 minutes of receiving the request, we can quote the price and complete the detailed translation immediately for the customer.

The process of translating theses and academic documents at Tomato

A good thesis and academic document translation service will definitely go hand in hand with a rigorous and professional process. At Tomato, we build a professional service delivery process to maximize time as well as quality and avoid any small errors that may occur according to international ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Tomato Media – Accurate Thesis & Academic Document Translation Services at Tomato


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