Interpreter service at the scene

Multilingual Interpreter Service at the SceneHigh-quality Tomato’s Multilingual Interpreter Service at the Scene

Tomato commits:

📗 Absolute confidentiality of customer information

📗 Experienced staff with flexible improvisation

📗 Highly competitive cost

📗 Staff all over the country

📗 Dedicated and reputable service

Understanding the interpreter service at the scene

When you Google “interpreter service at the scene,” you’ll get over 80 million results in less than a second, indicating that this service is popular. Multilingual interpreter service at the scene is a type of direct interpreting for two to three or more persons verbally through an interpreter, which we can simply grasp conceptually. This activity is frequently used at conferences, trade shows, workshops, exhibitions, and production workshops, among other places. The presence of a multilingual interpreter on the scene aids in the successful connection of all sessions.

Relevant parties can easily share and debate many topics linked to work plans, report on project progress, or swiftly suggest new ideas, thanks to the interpreter service at the scene. This job is quite specific, and it is prone to unexpected occurrences, therefore the interpreter must not only have outstanding foreign language abilities, but also be adaptable and cool while dealing with challenges.

Tomato’s Prestigious & High-quality Interpreter Service at the Scene

By choosing Tomato’s interpreter service at the scene, you will be guaranteed the highest level of satisfaction and service quality from professional interpreters. Professionalism and dedication are the defining characteristics of Tomato’s interpreter service at the scene.

Experienced & dedicated Tomato’s interpreter service at the scene

Our interpreters are all well-trained with full practice certificates and a dedicated customer service and support attitude, including:

  • Solid professional knowledge and experience: The company’s interpreters are capable of interpreting for more than 50 languages ​​and 100 different specialties.
  • Having the courage to improvise quickly and withstanding high pressure: Flexible handling of circumstances that come unexpectedly in a timely and professional manner.
  • Good Health: Willing to perform quality interpreting services for a long time and withstand the stress of constant travel between multiple locations or areas with erratic weather conditions.
  • Standard and professional manners: Complying with all regulations and codes of conduct at each meeting and conference requested by the customer and on time in every project.

Interpreter Service at the Scene

Interpreter service at the scene with a variety of languages

As mentioned, Tomato currently provides the interpreter service at the scene with more than 50 different languages, typical and most popular are languages ​​such as:

  • Interpreter service at the scene in European languages, ​​including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Belgian, Russian, etc.
  • The interpretation is available in East Asian languages, ​​such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, etc.
    Interpreters are available in languages ​​of Southeast Asian countries, namely Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, etc.
  • Interpreting languages ​​in South Asia – Southwest Asia, such as Indian, Nepali, Saudi Arabia, Syrian, Iranian, etc.

Tomato’s multi-specialty interpreter service at the scene

Areas of expertise in field interpretation at Tomato are also diverse, including:

  • Medican
  • Education
  • The law
  • Commerce
  • Finance
  • Military
  • Diplomatic
  • Manufacture
  • Environment
  • Garment
  • Information technology
  • Hotel
  • Travel

Why should you choose Tomato’s interpreter service at the scene?

Tomato’s interpreter service at the scene has a 99.9% client satisfaction rating. The following content will provide a detailed explanation of the answer to the aforementioned question:

The nationwide system of providing interpreters

At Tomato, we currently have more than 100 full-time specialists and more than 3000 collaborators who are professional translators and interpreters with excellent improvisation skills. Therefore, the company can quickly provide a large number of interpreters for one or many different projects in the same time period and in all regions of the country.

Recognized service quality that meets international standards

Tomato’s product and service quality management system has been certified to international standards ISO 9001: 2015. The company’s interpreters always fully meet the factors of foreign language skills and professional knowledge in the field they translate.

Commitment to absolute secrecy

All information in the exchange will be committed by the interpreter to be kept confidential by the NDA, under the 24/7 management of the project supervisor, ensuring the highest level of security for the client.

Highly competitive price

The company also has a flexible and highly competitive pricing policy to suit the interpretation needs of different clients. Moreover, if you become our close partner, you also have the opportunity to receive many attractive preferential services.

Leading partner for over 10,000 live interpreting projects

We are currently a close partner for many businesses in the Top VNR 500 and Top Fortune Global 500, with more than 10,000 different large and small translation projects, in diverse fields such as information technology, finance – banks or tourism – hotels, etc.

Tomato’s multilingual interpreter service at the scene

Here is our multilingual interpreter service at the scene process:

Multilingual interpreter service at the scene process

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