Audio & Video Transcription and Translation Services

Audio & Video Transcription and Translation Services
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Prestige Audio/Video Transcription and Translation Services at Tomato

Tomato commits to:

📗 Optimized translation process

📗 Handover on schedule

📗 Handling many audio file formats

📗 Providing service in 50 languages

📗 100% staff meet quality standards

What is audio & video transcription and translation? Compulsory requirements in translation

Audio & video transcription and translation services at Tomato have received many registrations recently. Audio & video transcription and translation is the work of listening and retyping the audio content of the entire video/audio into text. This text will then be translated back into the required language, for example, English – Vietnamese, Korean – Vietnamese, Chinese – Vietnamese, etc.

There are a number of mandatory requirements in audio and video transcription and translation, which are:

  • Translators must have the ability to concentrate, understand slang, dialects and regional cultures
  • Translated sentences must have a standard timestamp compared to the original video

Therefore, companies should use audio and video transcription services of professional companies. Currently, Tomato is proud to be an address that can perfectly meet the strict requirements in translation and transcription work.

High-quality audio & Video transcription and translation services at Tomato

Tomato is a supplier of quality and reputable audio & video transcription and translation services. Up to now, the company is undertaking many types of services such as:

Video/audio of TV and press

Tomato offers services to transcribe and translate all reality shows, live shows, TV reruns, dramas, documentaries, movies, etc. With a professional staff and a clear working process, we have become a reliable partner of big customers like Netflix, FPTplay, etc.

Digital audio & video

If you have digital audio or video that needs to be translated and transcripted, please come to Tomato. Tomato staff is both good at translation and proficient in handling file formats, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Lectures and seminars

We offer academic video/audio transcriptions such as foreign teaching videos, research document videos, conference videos, conferences, etc. Specialized words are transcribed and translated with 100% accuracy.

Research interviews, group interviews and recording calls

Tomato has extensive experience in the field of transcribing video interviews and recording calls. We have a system of modern machinery and tools, which can speed up the processing of work.

Other types

Currently, Tomato provides services for transcription and translation of audios and training videos for athletes, company introduction videos, advertising TVCs, etc. As long as customers need to translate and transcribe audio and video, Tomato is always ready to provide.


Multilingual audio & video transcription and translation services at Tomato

Tomato provides  audio & video transcription and translation services with 50 popular languages​:

  • English audios & videos
  • Chinese audios & videos
  • Korean audios & videos
  • Japanese audios & videos
  • Italian audios & videos
  • German audios & videos
  • French audios & videos
  • Spanish audios & videos

Audio & Video Transcription and Translation

The reasons you should choose audio & video transcription and translation services at Tomato

Audio and video transcription and translation is a tough service that necessitates both substantial competence and patience and meticulousness on the part of the translator. Tomato Media has long been a highly regarded unit in this industry, owing to numerous advantages such as:

Many years of experience in translation and transcription

We have been operating in the field of video/audio transcription and translation for more than 5 years. During the past time, Tomato has constantly improved the quality of translation. We always quickly update global translation trends as well as provide services media translation at good prices to satisfy the needs of our customers to the fullest.

Trusted staff

Tomato boasts a team of the country’s top translators, a large vocabulary, a thorough understanding of regional cultures, and a command of slang. We can ensure on-time delivery because we have more than 100 well-trained employees and 3,000 collaborators across the country.

For specialized audios and videos, Tomato has a network of experienced multi-disciplinary advisors. Therefore, the accuracy of the documents that customers receive is always close to 100%.

Furthermore, Tomato staff are well versed in the use of Translation Memories (TM) technology and many leading translation technologies. As a result, the translation speed is accelerated, ensuring that customers’ valuable time is not delayed.

Accurate audio and video transcription and translation, suitable for regional culture

Customers who visit Tomato will receive the most professional and dedicated translation service available. We are available to consult and quote 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we even accept urgent translation cases requiring translations in a short amount of time.

Tomato personnel accurately portray the content in the source audio and video since they are well-trained and highly skilled. In order to maintain the essence of the original video, we also use terms that are appropriate for the local culture. Customers will not be disappointed because specialized keywords, slang words, and local words are all appropriately translated.

Competitive and flexible costs for on-demand videos

Depending on the short length, difficulty as well as translation language, Tomato will offer an appropriate price. Customers will be clearly informed of this price before signing the contract. The company will not have an additional surcharge when the translation work is in progress.

Highly appreciated by 1,000+ customers

So far, Tomato has served more than 1,000 customers and over 2,500 partners. Most customers are satisfied with the final translation they receive and are ready to come back next time if the need arises.

Customer data security

Tomato is committed to protecting all customer data. All audio and video files that customers give us are always stored safely and absolutely confidentially. We are ready to take responsibility before the law if something goes wrong.

Offering and process all types of video and audio files

We can expertly handle all video and audio files available on the market today. Depending on the requirements of the customer, the translated text can be displayed in Word, Excel or Notepad.

Translation proofreading service to double the accuracy

After the translation is finished, we will compare it to the original to see if there are any problems. This aids in the polishing of the translation in terms of language and style, as well as ensuring that there are no errors.

Professional audio & video transcription and translation service process at Tomato

The following is the process of professional ISO 9001:2015 certified audio and video transcription and translation services at Tomato:

Process of film/video translation services

Tomato Media – Prestige Audio & Video Transcription and Translation Services


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