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Why is constructive translation important?

Construction specialized translation is considered as a key factor promoting the success of many projects with the cooperation of international investors.

  • Translators will be involved in this process in a variety of roles. For example, they will be interpreters interpreting directly at the construction site or participating in meetings and conferences based on the requirements of customers, to ensure construction progress.
  • Others will assist in translating documents or records related to project announcements or documents and drawings related to the construction process. This requires translators with highly specialized knowledge, understanding complex construction and architectural terms. To achieve the above factors, the most reasonable measure is to find professional translation units, which have a “name” in the market.


Prestigious – quality construction translation service in Tomato

Among professional construction translation units today, Tomato is considered one of the leading providers of language solutions in the Asian market, with offices in three countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia. We are capable of providing a wide range of translation and interpretation services in over 50 language pairs. In which, specialized construction translation is typical with the following services:

Tomato reliably translates specialized construction documents

Construction specialized translation documents at Tomato are usually the following types:

  • Construction manuals
  • Documents to explain about the project
  • Translation of architectural drawings, structural drawings
  • Documentation explaining terminology for drawings
  • Table of reports on the process of field survey and analysis
  • Documents guiding labor safety procedures
  • Translating AutoCAD drawings
  • Construction progress report, accounting report
  • Documents or invoices for purchasing raw materials, payroll, etc.
  • Documents related to bill of materials or construction proposal
  • Books, newspapers, magazines, publications on construction field
  • Bidding documents, construction bidding documents…
  • Documents related to national plans or specifications…
  • Profile of bidding enterprises and enterprises participating in construction…


Tomato notarized translation specialized in construction

Tomato is capable of providing notarized translation specialized in construction for almost all types of documents and records, including:

  • Notarized translation of construction contracts, project supervision contracts, demolition contracts, planning compensation contracts…
  • Notarized translation for construction and installation bidding documents
  • Notarized translation of labor contracts
  • Notarized documents of visa application procedures for foreign experts and architects…
  • Notarized translation of invoices, tax reports, documents…
  • Notarized translation for construction permits
  • Translation of bidding documents.
  • Notarized translation of capacity documents of construction units and investors…

Construction specialized translation

Tomato provides native language translation services for construction industry

Types of construction interpreters provided by Tomato include:

  • Cabin, simultaneous interpreting
  • Multilingual field interpreters
  • Interpreter for seminars, conferences to explain the work or report on construction progress
  • Escort interpreter
  • Consecutive, following interpreting services at cooperation negotiations between partners or workshop events
  • Remote/video call interpretation
  • Interpreting negotiation in meetings to discuss contracts or the construction process…

Tomato provides localization service specialized in construction

Localization services for construction majors at Tomato are clearly shown in the following forms:

  • Localization of websites introducing projects and investor companies
  • Localization of applications related to the purchase and sale of construction projects
  • Localization of software used for construction calculation
  • Localization of software related to bidding or investment for works
  • Localize videos related to the introduction of good works in the construction field…

Tomato translates media specialized in construction

At Tomato, media translation services specialized in construction are available in the following forms:

  • Translation and recording of construction-related videos and clips
  • Translating and dubbing construction videos
  • Translating subtitles for construction instruction videos, reportages, videos about the construction process…
  • Translating and narrating films and documentaries about the construction industry
  • Audio and video transcription services for construction industry
  • Translation for TVC filming scripts, viral clips to promote the project.


TOMATO MEDIA has a globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system Team with 5+ years of experience, expertise, and dedication


Tomato specializes in construction translation in 50+ languages

The following are the popular languages ​​Tomato specialized in construction translation:







Korean language





Myanmar language


Cambodian/ Khmer




Besides high-quality translation in the field of Construction, Tomato Media also provides translation services in many popular translation fields today.


The cost of translation services specialized in construction

Get your translation quote and start translating your text in seconds. We are a translation agency specializing in architecture, construction and real estate, ensuring the quality and consistency of your content and communications with clients in every language.

Translation services for the construction, architecture and real estate industries

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Professional translation services for construction companies, architecture and real estate agencies with recurring needs. Contact us and request a personalized translation quote. We will register you for our specialized construction translation services with the international ISO 9001:2015 standard process, thus reducing costs. The more you translate with us, the more optimized your translation process will be.

Why should you choose translation services specialized in construction in Tomato?

The quality of Tomato’s specialized construction translation services is demonstrated by the following advantages.

Tomato Media received the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”

Staff with many years of experience

Tomato Media currently owns a team of more than 100 specialists and 3,000 translation collaborators for more than 100 specialties in over 50 languages. This team consists of 100% translators and interpreters with a Bachelor’s degree or higher, with at least 3-4 years of experience, ensuring high accuracy for specialized translations. Translation speed can reach 20,000 words/day.

Advanced translation technology

Before handing over to customers, translations are tested through modern translation software and applications combined with translator testing. These software include:

    • Trados
    • Translation Memory
    • Meta Cat
    • Smartcat
    • Just Translate…

Internationally recognized quality management system

At Tomato, the quality of translation services for construction in particular and other industries in general is strictly monitored under a management system that meets ISO 9001:2015.

Member of many international language organizations

Another testament to the quality of services at Tomato, we are now an official member of many international language associations such as the American Translational Association (ATA), the European Translational Union (ELIA), Association of Asian Regional Translators (AATI).

Commitment to absolute confidentiality

The information in the project and the information of partners and customers are 100% confidential by the NDA contract.

Dedicated customer service

Tomato’s staff is always ready to support and advise you 24/7, with a detailed quote only 15-20 minutes after receiving a specific request. The price lists are public, transparent and suitable for the translation purposes of partners, ensuring effective cost savings for customers.


Tomato Media Company – Prestigious construction specialized translation


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