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Specialized document translation servicesDiverse and prestigious specialized document translation services at Tomato

Tomato commits to:

📗 Fast, accurate, on-time translation

📗 Absolute confidentiality of information

📗 The best warranty in the market

📗 Quality management according to ISO 9001:2015

📗 Translating 50+ languages, 100+ specialties

Specialized document translation – breaking the language barrier

Because globalization has opened up the trend of cooperation and joint ventures between Vietnamese and foreign organizations and corporations, the demand for specialized document translation services has expanded in many industries. Many individuals or corporations require this service in order to professionally bridge the linguistic divide between two countries by preparing highly specialized documents for purposes such as:

  • Scientific research or economic development strategy
  • Teaching at schools and educational institutions
  • Teaching and staff training materials
  • Updating information on advanced technology in the world to improve production, cultivation, animal husbandry, medical treatment, beauty, etc.

The majority of the documents and texts listed above include a wealth of new professional information. Translators must have a strong foundation in other languages as well as industry understanding. To achieve absolute correctness for each sentence, they must be professionals in the subject of translation, producing a clear, easy-to-understand text that is not too loose in meaning when compared to the original text.

Fast and prestigious specialized document translation services

Customers are increasingly choosing Tomato Media’s multi-specialty document translation services. Tomato understands the significance of translators, who have a great impact on the quality of the translation. As a result, when customers hire our organization for specialist document translation services, we only use translators who are experts in the topic they need to translate. This has helped Tomato build a team of professional translators and interpreters with thousands of people around the world, supporting translation of more than 100 specialties in a variety of fields.

Multi-specialty document translation

Here are some typical areas where we are providing translation services:

🔰Translating documents specialized in economics
Translation and interpretation for tax, financial, commercial contracts, product introduction documents, import and export procedures, audit documents, etc.
🔰Translation of documents specialized in engineering and mechanics
We ensure high accuracy of specialized words, technical parameters, etc. for installation instructions, use of machinery technology imported from abroad.
🔰Translation of documents specialized in tourism and hotel
We provide correct translation of materials promoting attractions and national culture to outsiders, as well as directions on immigration registration, activity schedules, and other topics.
🔰Translation of legal – administrative documents
We offer precise translation and presentation of executive documents, as well as notarization procedures in compliance with regulations, helping documents to be quickly approved.
🔰Translation of information technology, electronics – telecommunications industry documents
Tomato Media is currently providing translation services for many e-commerce platforms, consulting translation for many software technology companies and trading electronic equipment with foreign countries, etc.
🔰Translation of educational documents and study abroad records
We aid in completing the translation of curriculum vitae, notarized records for students who wish to study abroad, etc., as well as translation of teaching materials and scientific research materials for schools.
🔰Translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents
We provide professional translation of information about pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, accompanied with translation and projects of organizations on public health care and clinical research. Besides, we also translate medical research documents on specific specialties such as psychology, etc.
🔰Translation of cosmetic and pharmaceutical documents
We provide translation services and language consulting for cosmetic companies manufacturing or importing foreign cosmetics about information on product packaging, research documents, notarized documents, user manuals, ingredients, etc.

In addition, Tomato is also a partner providing professional translation services for many companies or corporations related to fields such as food, real estate, advertising, journalism, literature, etc.

Specialized Document Translation Services

Specialized document translation services into 48++ languages at Tomato Media

Looking for specialized document translation services into rare languages? Don’t worry because Tomato Media supports translating documents into more than 50 different languages. We can completely meet your needs.


Tomato Media – a reputable professional document translation solution provider

Our strength is our ability to reply fast to urgent translation requests with absolute correctness, which is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty, while minimizing any errors, no matter how minor. When you use Tomato for expert document translation services, you get the following advantages.

Experienced professionals

The organization presently employs over 100 specialists and 3.000 translators who provide professional translation services in over 100 fields. They are all experts in a variety of sectors, including health, education, law, and economics, and they can translate into up to 50 different languages around the world.

Fast and on-time service provision

The vast number of translators employed by the organization contributes to a translation rate of more than 20,000 words per day. As a result, we are fully capable of completing the required translations of specialized documents in a timely manner. At the same time, the quality management system that meets the ISO 9001:2015 standard ensures the accuracy of the translated content.

Confidentiality thanks to the NDA

We pledge to keep all of your personal translated information safe by signing an NDA with Tomato. The contract’s terms are guaranteed under Vietnamese and international law.

The best warranty

Specialized translations will be thoroughly verified using a variety of approaches, ranging from manual to modern, in order to provide customers with the best possible final results. If the customer finds any errors, we are willing to re-edit the entire document for free until it reaches the agreed-upon level.

The most standard specialized document translation process at Tomato Media

Every step in the process of specialized document translation services at Tomato is optimized, bringing absolute satisfaction by professionalism, speed and efficiency.

Trusted by 1,000++ customers

Specialized document translation services at Tomato Media are trusted and chosen by many customers. With more than 5 years of experience, Tomato is proud to be a partner of corporate and individual customers.

Quality commitment 

Tomato Media is committed to providing high-quality service and keeping all of its commitments to customers. Our staff adhere to well-defined business processes in order to communicate effectively, deliver on time, and surpass customer expectations.

Tomato Media – Fast, Prestige & Confidential Multi-specialty Document Translation Services


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