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MSDS Translation ServicesPrestige & Accuracy MSDS Translation Services at Tomato

Tomato commits to:

📗 100% asymptotic accuracy

📗 High quality according to ISO 9001:2015

📗 More than 50 popular languages

📗 100% security commitment

📗 Highly specialized translators

The Importance of MSDS Translation

Many customers trust and use Tomato’s accurate and dependable MSDS translation services. MSDS is an acronym for Material Safety Data Sheet. When businesses wish to produce or import chemicals in Vietnam today, they must first translate the MSDS into Vietnamese. This is stated explicitly in the Law on Chemicals Circular 28/2010. The purpose of the MSDS translation is not only to comply with government standards, but also to assist customers and manufacturers in understanding the substance. The MSDS translation will specifically:

  • Provide information on what to do on the spot in the event of a chemical accident and helps identify levels of exposure.
  • Provide warning information about hazards in the process of using chemicals when workers intentionally do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Offer solutions and methods of transporting, loading and unloading chemicals safely to avoid accidents.
  • Propose measures and directions to protect workers when exposed to chemicals during the working process, thereby contributing to building a safe working environment.

In fact, MSDS regulations vary from country to country, MSDS documents and papers are often written in different languages, making it difficult to process. And MSDS translation will help minimize the possible unexpected incidents; towards the goal of globalization and standardization of all requirements.

High-quality & Fast MSDS Translation Services at Tomato

Tomato offers MSDS translation services that are both reliable and high-quality. Please register with us so that we can assist you as soon as possible.

Translation of all content in MSDS

In addition to basic information such as name, composition, and manufacturer, Tomato also provides translation services for all 9 other contents of an MSDS.

  • Translation of general information about MSDS (Including information of MSDS creator (address, name, phone number), MSDS table creation date, email, fax, etc.)
  • Translation of product information (Providing product name, chemical name, chemical and formula, list product identification information, address and emergency contact phone number)
  • Translation of toxic ingredient (Including chemical name and concentration associated with the poison, and indicating the product’s short-term toxicity)
  • Translation of the physical properties of the product (How to use, store, handle after use, and how it will react with other products)
  • Translation of product’s fire and explosion hazard (Including temperature and conditions that can cause chemicals to catch fire or explode, as well as providing names of fire-extinguishing devices, personal protective equipment)
  • Translation of reaction data (Specifying information about products and chemicals that can cause chemical reactions under suitable temperature and humidity conditions. When storing products, how should they be stored to ensure no accidents?)
  • Translation of toxic attributes (Providing exposure limits and maximum airborne concentrations of toxicants to which workers may be repeatedly exposed but with no adverse effects on health)
  • Translation of precautions (Instructions for safe use and storage of the product, necessary personal protective equipment or safety equipment, instructions for cleaning up chemicals if spilled)
  • Translation of first aid measures (First aid measures related to acute cases of chemical exposure, translating first aid steps in the correct and specific sequence for easy visualization)

MSDS translation services

Multilingual MSDS Translation

Tomato Media offers MSDS translation services in more than 50 languages worldwide. We have over 100 formal workers and over 3,000 collaborators at Tomato. Our translation team consists entirely of licensed translators. This personnel team is currently based in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia, and is ready to respond to customer demands. MSDS documentation can be translated into more than 50 languages, including:

  • European languages: translate MSDS documents into French, English, German, Russian, etc.
  • North Asian languages: translate MSDS into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, etc.
  • South Asian languages: translate MSDS into Indian, Iranian, Bhutanese, Nepali, etc.
  • Southeast Asian languages: translate MSDS documents into Lao, Cambodian, Thai, Indonesian, etc.

Why should you choose the MSDS Translation Services at Tomato?

The MSDS translation services at Tomato is provided by a highly qualified and experienced team as well as an ever-improving service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Commitment to information security

Because MSDSs are significant business papers, they must be kept in strict confidence. We have a rigorous policy in place that prohibits translators from disclosing document information to external parties. Tomato signs an NDA with consumers to guarantee 100 percent information protection. As a result, clients may feel secure and rely on us.

Optimal MSDS translation deadline

Tomato Media speeds up all processes and is always ready to begin any project, particularly MSDS translation. With a team of Tomato translators who have 5 years of experience translating MSDS papers and are fluent in more than 50 languages, we are committed to:

  • On-time completion of all MSDS translation tasks.
  • There will be no delays or late deliveries of documents.
  • Connecting to the internet is easy and quick right on the page, starting with just “1 click.”
  • Sending an inquiry and receiving a quotation within 10-15 minutes.
  • The translation is completed quickly and sent on time.

Perfect MSDS translation quality with guaranteed accuracy

Tomato uses the most advanced translation quality management systems available today, including the No. 1 TMS (Translation Management), No. 1 LQA (Language Quality Assurance), and No. 1 ITS (Issue Tracking System). As a result, MSDS translation accuracy is close to 100 percent. If the customer has any adjustments requests after receiving the translation, we will examine, evaluate, and proofread it for free until the customer is pleased.

Clear and reputable warranty

Tomato will thoroughly examine the translated content before delivering it to the customer. We allow Tomato’s top translators to oversee and test even the most cutting-edge translation tools available today. Although complaints are uncommon, they are necessary to protect customers’ interests once they receive a product. If the customer is dissatisfied in any way, the client can file a complaint. As agreed with the customer while registering the service, we will conduct calibration to obtain the highest quality.

Customer incentive policy

Tomato charges different pricing for each client based on their requirements. However, when compared to the level of the translation market, this is already an excellent and competitive price. In addition, we provide a loyalty program for consumers that utilize Tomato’s services frequently. We have discounts and presents for consumers, especially on special occasions.

Professional MSDS translation process at Tomato

The following is the MSDS translation at Tomato achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification on QMS – Quality Management System:

Quality commitment 

Tomato Media is committed to providing high-quality service and keeping all of its commitments to customers. Our staff adhere to well-defined business processes in order to communicate effectively, deliver on time, and surpass customer expectations.

Tomato Media – Prestige & Accuracy MSDS Translation Services


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