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Tomato commits to:

📗 Multi-language, multi-topic translation

📗 100% asymptotic accuracy

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Accuracy requirements in mechanical translation

Mechanical translation service is considered one of the popular services with the development of modern technology. Mechanical engineering is a specific field with high difficulty and many specialized terms.

Mechanical translation requires translators to have extensive knowledge in the fields of mechanics, dynamics, physics, etc. as well as being fluent in machine and equipment systems for easy visualization and processing documents to be translated. The peculiarity of mechanical translation is that it needs to be presented specifically, accurately and clearly, avoiding the use of fancy and meaningful words and sentences. These factors require the translator’s ability to use language flexibly to find the most optimal expression.

In order to meet the increasing demand for mechanical translation with stricter requirements, Tomato Media is pleased to bring high quality mechanical translation services to help you succeed in cooperation in this field.

High quality mechanical translation service at Tomato Media

Coming to Tomato, you will find a comprehensive mechanical translation service with many items to meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

1. Translation service of mechanical documents

Human’s treasure of mechanical knowledge is extremely large, which means that the number of specialized mechanical documents that need to be translated is huge and compiled in many different languages. To meet the needs of individuals, companies and organizations, Tomato would like to introduce a service of mechanical document translation with a variety of topics:

  • Translating multilingual mechanical engineering textbooks
  • Translation of introductory documents, mechanical product descriptions
  • Translating manuals for use, operation and maintenance of equipment and machines
  • Translation of technical specifications related to the mechanical field
  • Translating documents applying science in mechanics (automotive, ship, aircraft, robotics, …)
  • Technology transfer document translation
  • Translating industry standard documents
  • Translation of manuals to ensure technical and production safety
  • Compile technical data sheet
  • Instructions for disassembling and using the device
  • Technical drawing translation
  • Technical report translation
  • Translation of copyrights, patents
  • Translating rules of conduct
  • Document translation for presentations
  • Catalog translation
  • Translating news, newspapers, magazines, mechanics, machinery
  • Translating diagrams, design documents of machinery and equipment
  • Translating according to IHS . standards
  • Translating job descriptions of mechanical engineering personnel
  • Translating documents on occupational health and safety
  • Translation of quality control process documents
  • Translating contracts, agreements to buy and sell equipment, machines, technology transfer, …

Mechanical Translation Service

2. Website localization & specialized mechanical software

Mechanical companies that own software and websites that only stop at one language will be limited in the number of users, making it difficult to improve technology. Therefore, many clients have used Tomato’s software localization service, specialized mechanical website as a way to increase traffic and improve user experience.

Localization of mechanical engineering software
🔰 Mechanical engineering drawing software: Solidworks, Catia, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, Inventor, Onshape, Creo Parametric,…
🔰 Production simulation software: NX, Arena, Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation,…
🔰 Technical calculation software: MatLab, Maple,…
Localization of the website of the mechanical industry
🔰 News blog
🔰 Mechanical product introduction
🔰 Enterprise introduction

In addition, Tomato also receives localization of videos and movies on many different topics such as: textbooks, teaching materials, reportages, operating instructions, equipment and machinery maintenance, etc.


3. Interpretation services specialized in mechanical engineering

Translation services specialized in mechanical engineering, including the interpretation service of Tomato Media, were born to bring you standard native-language interpreters with specialized knowledge to act as a bridge to convey accurate information. Because when conducting meetings, seminars, and negotiations with foreign partners and businesses, the language barrier has become a big concern of many companies operating in the mechanical field. We have successfully implemented many mechanical translation projects with a variety of forms, topics, etc.

Interpreting in a variety of formats

Depending on the interpreting environment such as conferences, seminars, projects, workshops, factories, negotiations, fairs, exhibitions, etc. Tomato will advise clients to choose the appropriate form of interpretation between different types of interpretation. The following figure:

️🎧 Cabin, simultaneous interpreting
🗣️ Consecutive, following interpreting
👫 Escort interpreting
👥 Whispered interpreting
️💻 Online interpreting via video call
Interpreting a variety of topics
🔰 Negotiation, cooperation agreement, contract signing
🔰 Buying and selling machinery, raw materials and supplies for the mechanical industry
🔰 Building production and working processes
🔰 Exchanging of work related to: personnel, operations, techniques, equipment, machines, etc. at workshops and factories.
🔰 Meeting reports, statistics of achievements, sales of the company
🔰 Interpreting according to operational projects, machine research
🔰 Workshop on technology introduction, mechanical engineering


4. Media translation solutions specialized in mechanical engineering

With a highly specialized team, modern equipment, and a good technology platform, we have been receiving many quality media translation contracts for many clients across Vietnam with the following types:

🔰 Audio and video transcription: presentation files, user manuals, how to operate and maintain machines and equipment, etc..
🔰 Recording translation, making subtitles, voiceovers, dubbing movies, videos: product introduction, user manual, training, etc.
🔰 Video script translation: instructions for operating machinery, equipment, etc.


5. Mechanical translation service with 50+ languages ​​at Tomato Media

You need to find specialized mechanical translation services into many languages? Don’t worry because Tomato Media can completely meet your needs because we provide translation services in more than 50 different languages ​​such as:












Myanmar language


Cambodian/ Khmer




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The cost of #accurate mechanical translation – #high quality

The cost of mechanical translation at Tomato Media is optimized with high quality:

  • Tomato received the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”
  • Tomato applies a globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system
  • Tomato entered the top 150 LSPI – the world’s largest translation and interpretation companies rankings

Unique Pricing Option – So Costs Are Optimized

Translation services for mechanical majors

Prestige 5+ years – High expertise – 24/7 support


Specialized mechanical translation services at Tomato follow the international ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system, so we provide the best quality service as well as the most optimal cost for clients.

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What will you get with the mechanical translation service at Tomato Media?

Tomato not only provides specialized mechanical translation services in a variety of fields and topics, but also commits to bringing absolute satisfaction to clients about the quality of delivered products. We are proud to receive high appreciation from partners who have worked with us thanks to the following strengths:

Tomato received the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”

Tomato Media entered the top 150 LSPI – the world’s largest translation company rankings

Excellent team of translators and interpreters

The staff at Tomato are all people who have gone through a rigorous selection process. To officially work at Tomato, translators need professional certificates and extensive experience. Besides, the staff at Tomato have been intensively trained in mechanics, science and technology. At the same time, thanks to our long-term practical experience when interpreting at factories, translating documents, drawings, machine details, etc., we are committed to providing accurate translations, correct terminology with scientific presentation as well as high quality translation services.

Strong staff team

With more than 100 specialists and 3000 collaborators throughout the provinces, Tomato can meet the needs of translation – interpretation specialized in mechanical engineering throughout Vietnam and countries around the world. Besides, if you do not have the conditions to use the direct service at Tomato, we support online translation in a variety of fields, topics, languages ​​and the quality is guaranteed like when working offline.


Your companion is trusted by many clients

With rich and professional translation services, Tomato is proud to have had the opportunity to accompany more than 2,500 partners during 5 years of operation. With accumulated experience through 65,000 successful projects, more than 1 billion pages of translated documents, more than 4722 hours of translation and more than 2,431 hours of voiceover recording, Tomato believes that the unit can bring the highest satisfaction to clients.

Focus on client service

Clients can be completely assured of quality and time when coming to Tomato translation. We are committed to handing over the products on time as agreed in the contract with the best quality. Besides, Tomato always has a warranty even with the smallest documents. In addition, clients will be signed a legal NDA confidentiality contract to help protect the rights of information and documents.

Reasonable prices

All translation costs at Tomato are quoted quickly, clearly, transparently and attached to the contract. We support the design of a flexible price list according to the translation needs in order to optimize the most costs for clients. Coming to Tomato, you will receive products of excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Quality meets international ISO 9001:2015

1000+ clients trust to choose mechanical translation services at Tomato Media

Mechanical translation services are trusted by thousands of clients. That is also a great motivation for Tomato Media to constantly strive to bring the best quality services.

Khách hàng, đối tác của Tomato Media

The promise of quality

Tomato Media ensures to provide high quality service, consistent in all commitments to clients. Our employees follow well-established business processes so that we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed client expectations.


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